Smoking some Mango Kush 31% THC

6 months ago

Brand: Medizin

Strain: Mango Kush

Flame Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

THC: 31%

Terp Profile:

  • B-Myrcene:15.38 mg
  • B-Pinene: 13.20 mg
  • D-Limonene: 3.78 mg
  • B-Caryophyllene: 1 mg
  • Linalool: 1 mg

Mangos and Weed go together so perfectly.

As a matter of fact, Mangoes and Weed has the same terpine!

Its Myrcene!!

If you actually EAT mangoes before you smoke it, its suppose to enhance your high. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

"Ill take a mango smoothie" 🍧

Speaking of smoothie,

These buds look like you can blend em up in a smoothie. Caked with crystals. It definitely had that proper taste to it. It really tasted like mangoes.

Green Gold

These nugs were pretty easy to breakdown and roll up. I break it down inside the blunt so i don't lose any crystals either.

Look at the THC!!

31% THC and over 13 mg of B-Myrcene, be ready to sit down right after this... hahaha.. they ran out of this batch so quick i only got to try it once.

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31%THC 3,5% Terps? someone in the states, please follow the trail and get a cut of that, that is championship material


For real tho!

Dam that looks like fire.

Idk if I have ever saw flower at 31+% thc that is nuts would love to try this as shatter


Original GG4 has tested at 33%.....but that i remember Terps was nowhere near that i said follow the trail, get cuts


I’m a fan of the real GG4!

Man that looks like some nice smoke .. crazy stats too. I usually taste a little mango in the higher terp strains.. I'll have to see if the web site out here has anything like this :)


Yeah if it’s high in Myrcene then probably so, myrcene is pretty much in all cannabis some more some less

First of, I love fruity strains. They are my favorites. Mangos are a great thing to eat before and after the smoke. Let's you feel the power of the high more clearly and heavily. This one looks amazing. The colors on it and the sea of white hairs makes you fall in love with it.


It’s a great combo!

WOW!!!! 31% Hey are you in Vegas? By chance?


Yes i sure am!

This is some high quality stuff. Looks killer, both buds and labels. Splendid how they have terp count.

Is it indica or sativa?


Yeah probably the beat I smoked out here so far

Glad to finally see a post!!!!


Haha i been hella busy working!