SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG by Medizin is 🔥

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6 months ago

OG is always best

OG is and always will be my favorite. I love trying out Hybrids, which to my knowledge, OG is a hybrid as well, but OG is OG. When people in the store ask me "are you looking for sativas, or indicas", I usually answer OG. Sativas and Indicas kinda came around me AFTER OG.

Brand: Medizin

Strain: SFV OG

Flame Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

THC: 27%

Terp Profile: N/A

Crystals looking like they shook the buds in a bag of sugar.

I'm not mad at this OG at all. This some flight for sure ✈️. The head high was heavy as usual if you smoke OG. The taste was piney with the real dense smoke clouds 💨💨💨

Very well manicured and has the OG look to it for sure.

One look at these buds and you can just tell its some OG. The real fire OG's i've learned aren't really that dense but they do break up very well. It has a more stringy look than a dense look but its still filled with little golden nuggets when you break em down. 🔥


You already know what time it is.

My high thought of the day: I wonder if smoke made a post scheduler, and everybody posted at 4:20, could we break a guinness world record? 😂would the network freeze?🤔

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OG is good I hope you have so much fun while taking it


Smoking Og is always a good time! Happy 420

Wowm it really does look like it was dipped in sugar. Beautiful.
HHaha you think they would accept a cannabis oriented world record?

Looks really frosty, damn!


Frosty the snowman!

This strain is so great!


Yes indeed!