Banana OG by Medizin!🍌

6 months ago

Ok so this is some fire right here

I’ll give this 4 flames out of 5

Brand: Medizin

Strain: Banana OG

Flame Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I rolled up a nice backwood and blew it to the face.

This is light. I usually stuff a wood but i gotta preserve right about now. 😂

Look at all the crystals on the buds! 👀

25% THC so it packs a punch. I sat down right after this blunt 💤

Over 11 mg of D -Limonene which is crazy


Caught it on a sale so i was able to scoop!

If you go to dispensaries make sure you get on the daily text list or ask them about daily specials.

💨💨💨💨💨 Happy Smoking!

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Looks really dank man, nice


Yeah bro it’s fire 🔥... puff puff pass!

Nice bro have nice smoking days ahead



I really like the fuzzy looking buds, blunts too, i'm becoming a big fan of the tasty terps :)


They forced me to understand terps since they don’t let you smell the weed here smh

How was the taste? Could you feel them lemony terps?


crazy lemons!

Heaterville bringing the heat! Those are some kushy looking buds man, real nice structure

I'm fine smoking anything 17% and lower. I don't want to smoke a strian with 25% THC, i don't that is just madness. Nice review :) does it contain any CBD?


hahaha.. no CBD in this one!

Looks belting!!
Mate, I had a taco the other day..
Thought of you :D

The buds look really good.

That is some healthy product you got there.