Sunday's strain: Ace's High

8 months ago

Coming in at 24.1% thcA and 1.3% thc Ace's High is a pretty potent flower from Grass Roots Cannabis. A wonderful strain that I would gladly grab again. The Og diesel and sour diesel cross lend to a very heady and productive high from a beautiful and tasty flower. The strong, pungent smells from this one are a welcome treat to myself. This is one that has not let me down. At $55 an eighth from my verilife dispensary in Illinois this is a good buy in my personal opinion. Peace and happiness my friends 😊😘😊
A beautiful flower full of deep colors. Darker green foliage and brownish orange hairs are bathed in a wash of glistening amber tricombs. Highlights of a midnight indigo abound creating a dark dense cola. Sticky fingers result from the crumbling of this one, so my ceramic coated grinder shall have a quick chop. Some of the buds have a strong foxtailing to them(if I'm assuming the correct meaning of it). I get a deep warm hearty feeling just looking at it. Like the feeling of a hearty home cooked stew, but without all the lethargy that accompanies that bowl.
Smells thick and deep with fuely and skunky notes to the front making me salivate with anticipation, and an almost sour berry or fruity smell lingering behind on the exhale. Definitely a jar to keep closed or the aroma will quickly permeate the room with its beautifully pungent scent.
Diesel fuel comes through strong on both the inhale and exhale with the slight hint of sour citrus as an afterthought. She makes for a beautifully tasty bowl from first toke to last. Almost seems to hide a bit of berry in the aftertaste possibly due to the slight purples?
Felt immediately upon the first exhale, very quick to lighten the head and loosen the mind. Became decidedly more focused on this "review" as the bowl went from full to empty. Not very heavy on the body allowing me to continue with the photos for this. I could imagine this would be good for creative types.
Comments and constructive criticism welcomed, I'm still learning and have a long way to go. Thank you all! I hope this post is considerablly better than the first few 😁
#GrassRootsCannabis #AcesHigh

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Incredible improvement from the first few you made. Well done.

Your photography skills are on point.
Hope to see more of these!


😁😁😁 Thank you very very much. Your kind words are a greatly helpful motivation. This made me happy 😊


Thank you too, im excited to see people like the stuff i do. You're all very nice people and make me feel very welcome 😊😁😊


Glad you felt the warm welcome. With content like this you'll be sure to make waves in the community.


I really just hope people enjoy my pictures. And i also hope to learn as much as possible about this wonderful plant and this mysterious crypto currency lol. Thanks again for the positivity 😊

Great Post mate, followed!


😁 thank you! Very greatful for all the wonderful comments. It makes me happy 😁😁😁😀