Why I'm So Systematic About Buying Seeds

11 months ago

I just read a new post from @mrtree420 on his steemit page about his buying new seeds for a new crop, and it really got me thinking after I commented on the post.

Ironically we were using the same seed site to order.

In my every day life, I am OCD and I've shared that fact many times over the years on different platforms and social media sites, but what really gets me is how I diligently go through each and every seed strain, reading and researching and making an informed decision on what strain to add to my arsenal of seeds.

I will add a strain to my cart after investigating all aspects of THC and CBD levels. But then I'l find another potential strain that meets my requirements and add that one too.

I generally like to order two new strains every time, so I have to narrow down the ones in my cart. I had actually started this cart about a month ago and have been meticulously eliminating ones as I go.

I get people offering up ideas and views of what strains are good (for them) and what strains are not good (for them).

So What Is My Strain Criteria?

Aside from having a high THC (minimum I will buy is 19%) and 8-10 week flowering stage, I usually look for strains that have a sweet component. Most of the people I deal with like the sweet or fruity undertones versus the earthy or floral after taste.


  • One that has the capabilities of potent relaxation. Most people I deal with use cannabis for medical reasons of pain management; so having a long-lasting decompression effect
  • Must have a GREAT anxiety relief and respite period feeling
  • Must be feminized (I've had too many hermies in my day)
  • Must offer a GOOD solid indoor grow yield


  • Must have a solid level of THC to allow the user that brain focus need they are craving
  • Must be a desirable level for pain relief, nausea and alleviating depression

So once I narrow down my selections in my cart, I'll be placing the order. If I had ordered when I first started looking, most of these strains were on sale, so I could have saved some money. But at this point in my growing, I am not about saving money. I am about a quality product that I feel good about others using.






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Here are some strain suggestions:
I have a good idea of what you like (coz I've been following your blog quite a bit)


Lemon Zkittles - Dutch Passion
Humboldt Seed Organization: Blue Dream
New York Diesel - Soma Sacred Seeds
G13 Peach Puree CBD - CBD Strain so uplifting and relaxing
Sour Diesel - probably my ultimate favourite sativa


Kings Kush - Green House Seed Co
Royal Kush
Gorilla Glue

Its a good idea to see what the clone nurseries have on their menu.
Have a look at these two: