New York Skunk Ape POTENT New England Medical Marijuana

last year

Haven't been posting much lately as I've been very busy in life. Wanted to share this very unique strain with you SMOKErs! This is New York Skunk Ape, I've been getting it for around 6 months from a local dispensary now. I never knew the true lineage aside from the fact it 100% had gorilla glue in it. Recently I searched the strain up again as before there was literally nothing online about it. This time I found a new strain called Skunk Ape which was as I had thought been crossed with gorilla glue! I believe this strain is New York Sour Diesel crossed with Skunk Ape and it's phenomenal. Here's a couple pics before I post again in another month lol who knows! Have a great holiday season fellow SMOKErs and thank you again for taking me into this great knowledgeable community!
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