GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) by Grassroots Maryland • Sold by Euphoria Wellness

6 months ago


Since today is Labor Day, let’s enjoy some fruits of labor!

I got a text alert from my local dispensary that the GSC was not only back in stock, but there was also $13 grams. Needless to say I did not go there for the cookies 🍪 but came home with some anyway 😆.
I was actually heading there after they texted me with a $39 1/8 of Birthday Cake, another phenomenal #strain by Grassroots of MD. I couldn’t resist!

It just seemed like the right thing to do...

GSC is a parent to so many great strains of cannabis (and ever expanding) but when you have a chance to enjoy a strain like this AND then a strain that is a derivative offspring of that - it’s almost always worth it. I had to grab momma GSC if I was going to take the baby Birthday Cake, right?


GIRL SCOUT COOKIES 🍪: The 60/40 Hybrid

A slightly Indica-dominant hybrid that never holds back when delivering the flavor. Oh, the sweet #terpenes!! This is no surprise as this strain is the product of two highly acclaimed strains: a Sativa called Durban Poison and an Indica-dominant Hybrid we know as OG Kush. Together, they made GSC and the rest is history.

Anyone who has experienced GSC knows the taste almost immediately. It has a very distinguishable sweetness that is followed by powerful effects. A very relaxing and relieving buzz meets you at the first toke and builds from there. You won’t need a whole lot to get to where you wanna go with the GSC strain, but the flavor might just taunt you for a few more tokes. Once you exhale this sweet smoke, you can breathe and taste the flavor for quite a while after.

This GSC Tested at 23.5% THC & look at those #terpenes!

This particular GSC strain was grown by Grassroots of MD and weighed in with a medium-high potency and some hefty terp levels. Let’s check out the lab report from Steep Hill and see what makes this strain worth having in the medicine cabinet.

Limonene .32% / 3.2 mg/g

Aroma: Citrus 🍊🍋

Effects & Benefits: Appetite Control, Anti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux

Caryophyllene .30% / 3 mg/g

Aroma: Pepper, Wood, Spice 🍂🍃🌳

Effects & Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation

Myrcene .17% / 1.7 mg/g

Aroma: Mango, Citrus, Herbal 🍋🍊
Effects & Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative

If you wondered where GSC gets its depth of flavor and benefits, wonder no more!

The answer is right there in the spectrum of terpenes that the GSC harnesses from its glorious genetics. It is no wonder the GSC has become parent to so many stellar strains that we enjoy today.


Seeing is believing, so let’s marvel at some real #nugporn


You might noticed the dense OG Kush structure, also with some hints of purple that are bred traits from its Durban Poison parent. And look at those #trichomes!


Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 Rating

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 5/5

The GSC earns a 5 🍩 rating due to its potency, flavor, and all around incredible genetics.

It offers a great value to those seeking pain relief. A great strain to unwind and relax with in the evenings, but also versatile enough for daytime use (if used moderately). It is no surprise the GSC genetics are used for breeding a vast catalog of incredible cannabis strains. Certainly earns the Daddy Daycare 2.0 seal of approval.

THANKS TO Euphoria Wellness for the sweet deal on the #GSC & ALSO THANKS TO GRASSROOTS for the top-quality #cannabis.

I am not affiliated with either company, however, I would love to be! I was not compensated for any thoughts and information shared in this article.

Legal State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.

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What does the GSC near you look like? Toss some thoughts and #nugporn in the comments!

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GSC is one of the more famous strains recently for sure. I tried the no THC sort only. But would love to get my hands on it.


I have seen the CBD GSC here, but haven’t tried it yet (it’s on my list tho!). May be the missing ingredient to my cannabis salad mix 😆

Do you guys have Birthday Cake 🎂 where you’re at? Just did a review on that one today. It’s a GSC x Cherry Pie cross 😳. One of the tastiest strains I’ve ever had. Also called Wedding Cake depending on where u get it. Duuuuude it’s glorious

It might just drive me crazy having some in my possession reason 1 being to beautiful to smoke reason 2 being to beautiful not to smoke I will definitely get me some online! Thanks for sharing ;)


I recently picked up an offspring/cross of Momma GSC, called “Birthday Cake” and the ol idiom comes to mind
You can’t have your cake and eat it, too
😆 @moodballs! decision, decisions!

Never had GSC itself, I've had gelato #33 which has genetics from it though & it's pretty fire!


I’ve tried a few derivatives of GSC myself, like Garlic Cookies, Birthday Cake, and a few others I forget to remember 😆 so this is my first real experience with it. I’m working on a review of the Birthday Cake now, so far favorite tasting flower that I’ve tried. Pretty sure Gelato is floating around here somewhere, I’ll have to try to scoop some!