Flo – Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

3 months ago

Flo OG was introduced to me in 2018, I love the smooth high and sweet flavors.


#nugporn of Lucy Sky’s Flo


The smooth heady high of this sativa-indica hybrid is really one to be desired. It leaves you feeling at ease and quite euphoric.


The THC-A levels test out at 20%

you can smoke this in the morning and not get bogged down as the high progresses.

It leaves you feeling uplifted.


Flo comes in a smooth as it exits.

The taste is supreme and the smoke smooth.

Colorado Natives, this is another go to for me.


Have you had a chance to get some flo in your life? #smokers


“Hmm, what would I like today? Yep, some Flo”

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That first photo is amazing. Nice looking little trimmed nuglets

My first visit to co I was able to snag some flo on the black market for cheap. It is some fire for sure

I still have yet to try DJ Shorts "Flo" but will have to now cuz this shit looks like some FIRE!

Looks killer man!
We only have street stuff here, so not much info like this.


eeeek, check out the new stuff, more deets

I'm down with the "flow" .: )