The best cannabis strains you can try - first series

2 years ago

A cannabis smoker determines which weed strain is best for him, that’s if he has tried all. Weeds reacts differently in people’s body, and that’s why they tend to have favorites. But this list I’m about to compile is concluded based on the weeds made available for aficionados and medical patients. CRAFT made an award earlier this year for the best weed strains and it shall be revealed here. Most of these weeds are legalized already due to their medicinal use and were mixed and generated from other weed plants. They are in no particular order.



This weed isn’t actually sour neither was it made for only girls. The look and appearance of the plant actually prompted its name. It’s an hybrid weed. Sour girl has a sweet and pungent smell with THC between 15% to 17%. You should try this because it treats Chronic pains, Bipolar disorder, Arthritis, Depression and Stress. However, it makes you happy and creative.


GMO is an attractive plant with a sweet smell. Sometimes it smells like a sharp diesel. This weed is famous for relieving pain. It’s an Indica dominant plant and was crossed between Chemdawg and GSC. In a situation when you have an appetite loss, it’s the perfect strain to use.


This is also an Indica dominant hybrid strain that was crossed between Chem D and SFV OG Kush. The strong smell of SFV OG Kush is perceived in it and it has this sharp diesel flavor – it’s an heavy aroma. Its THC level is at 28% and can treat nauseas, insomnia and pains. Most times, Motorbreadth are used when a patient/smoker can’t sleep.


Another weird name given to a weed plant. I’m not sure where the monkey was gotten from but the plant looks like it was rubbed with grease. It was crossed between GG4 and Cookies & Cream. You might want to watch the dosage when using the Grease Monkey. It makes consumers sleep a lot – more like a sleeping tablet. Other than that, it’s a good drug for Chronic pain, Stress and Nausea. It’s hybrid and sometimes termed as the lazy drug. Yes! It’s makes consumers lazy while using that opportunity to work.


You guessed right! It definitely has a purple color. This is so because it was crossbreed from Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. It has a nice smell – you should perceive blueberry muffins and grape candy in it. It is best used after dinner because it settles the limbs and the whole body afterwards. It’s a good drug for Nausea, Body aches and Stress. Purple Punch makes you euphoric, uplifted and happy. Reason it’s stated for night is because it makes sleep.

There will be more in the next series. Watch out for it! You can state the ones you’ve probably consumed and seen before in the comment section below.

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If only I had access to these I would try them all, thanks for the breakdown, very interesting my friend. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks bro

I ain't picker. Any kind a strain is the best one for me. Haven't tried any that disappointed me



I have had grease monkey and i can say it was a heavy hitter. I think it is a indica dom hybrid.


It surely looks like one...

That Purple Punch sounds good...


Just smoked some of that this week it is good!