Mendo Breathe

last year

I haven't smoked anything that wasn't high in #cbd in a while. But my #ptsd was kicking in hard and I needed something to relax me quick. I wanted an #indica but I have none in stock at home. Went to my local dispensary and picked up some #mendobreathe and got some #birthcakebeatdown for free. I rolled up maybe a gram and took only two hits. I was on the couch for the rest of the night it did the trick. Now I really want to grow this. The smell is like sweet fruit. The flower itself was dense with purple here and there. THC levels is 16.45% grown right in California. No cbd at all. Pictures doesn't do it justice. If you can get try it on a day you have nothing to do.

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Oh wow. That`s some colorful bud

A Beautiful bud for sure.

That looks outdoor, is it?


I believe it is

Pictures doesn't do it justice Man your picture does do it justice it looks awesome, nice mix of colours. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing, bong on bro. :-)

That's some ultra colorful bud damb. . .

birthcakebeatdown huh?

Love how both the purple and the green are BRIGHT!