Wookie Bag Seed Score

7 months ago


I really liked this strain but unfortunately forgot to snag more pics for you all. Now I'm down to just this and the shake. It had a strong earthy flavor with just a hint of citrus. More importantly it got me ripped!


I was just getting to the bottom of the bag and I noticed this little guy hanging out. I was surprised to see it at first but it actually looks pretty good.


Now since I can't grow currently my first thought was to pitch it. Then I realized I my good friend @rawpride could make good use of it.


Now that is in his possession hopefully we will get to see if turn into something much more beautiful.

#seed #smoke #cannabis

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I remember back in the day being pissed if I found a seed in some high grade. Now days I would be pleased lol.

Pretty cool, though be careful not to smoke another hidden bag seed D:

I've only gotten a few seeds in my weed over time, but I found a few in cbd shake recently.

I heard its best to not grow bag seeds, but its worth a grow for a laugh