Savage Pineapple

3 months ago


This was the last vape pen I picked up before I left Vegas and I'm glad I did. Out of the three I tried while I was out there this might have been my favorite. Although it was a little more pricey than the others. I believe it was like $45 plus tax lol. Soooo not use to paying tax 🤣


The brand of this one was W Beast. They are calling the strain Savage Pineapple although I couldn't find much info on that. On the label they also have it listed as just pineapple so that may be it.


The packaging is wasteful, but it looks nice I guess. This one seems to have got crushed in my pocket some.


I do like the info they put on them still. Again this one has some terps listed.


Coming in at 82.93% thc I was happy with this one. It also had a little bit of cbd and cbn which I'm not use to seeing listed on my carts. It doesn't seem to have it listed but I was told it was a hybrid at the dispensery.


As for a review I really like this one. First off the color was great. It was the nicest cleanest looking oil I had. The taste was great, it was a little sweet but not too sweet. More importantly it didn't taste fake sweet.... You could taste some citrus/ fruity flavors as well. The effect was immediate which is why I like these. Moments after taking my first draft off it I could already feel it doing it's job. This thing did a great job of relaxing me after days of being in Vegas. With each pull I felt more euphoric and relaxed. It didn't make me tired though which I was thankful for, because there is just so much to do lol. I would definitely suggest these if you're in Vegas.

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Keep that out of the reach of children


Don't worry I did 😎

That does seem a little salty on price for the amount you get but at least it is good.


With tax everything was stupid expensive. But yes super good.

This one is amazing. Same company. W Vapes! Half gram for 35. At The dispensary in Las Vegas and Henderson. Wish i knew. Id have sent you to the place where they dont rape you 50 dollars for... whats that? .3? [300ml] less than half gram... Vegas is a tourist trap.


I got this one at Med Men... I knew the price was to high when I got it. One of the bike taxis brought me to it which was cool but Def a tourist trap.


Ummmm, yesssss. I got a gram cardtridge today for 50 and its super high CBD. 40 % of THC AND 40% CBD. Nice relaxing. Definitely tell me.


Next time I'm definitely gonna let you know before I go to Vegas!

Pineapple sounds good, nice to hear it had the sweet citrus flavors to it .. i'll get some concentrates one of these days :) Vegas seems to have a decent dispensary setup.


I did like the despeceries, except how expensive they were. Each one is very different though.

Yeah vapes are expensive, so I’m looking into Investing in the machine that make the stuff! So far I have found two both of these two methods! Rosinbomb

And the Extractcraft for making vape liquid!

I think I’m going to get the extractcraft first for making vapes, then maybe that rosenbomb thing one day would be sick for making that golden shatter stuff!??