Peanut Butter Breath

3 months ago


Yesterday I went to stock up on some extra nice nugs for the upcoming holiday. When I went to grab it I was delighted to see an assortment of stuff we don't typically get. First I gotta say I thought the packaging on this was awesome. Leave it to Cali to have something fun.


These nugs were super fire. This was the first one I wanted to try and I'm glad I did. Just a quick bowl and I was very happy.

Afterwards I had to go home with a little. This stuff stinks fyi, very pungent. The taste was fantastic. A little on the kushy side which I always like. It didn't have % on it but it has to be high. I only took a couple of tokes out of the bong when I got home and was super lit. The rest I'm saving for my 4/20 smoke sesh.

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@jonyoudyer you see this shit right here?

One of the funniest strain names .. does it really give you pb breath or dry mouth ? Lol .. weed packaging graphics are over the top, they remind me of rave flyers.


Yea pretty bad actually lol and I never put 2 and 2 together for that.

It’s got a prop 65 label lol. I thought they said weed cured cancer.

That is rainbow colored chronic.

ewwwwww did it taste like peanut butter? lololol i don't like peanut butter but i will eat it only in with a jelly sandwich. but no other way. like by itself... so did it make your breathe smell like peanut butter ewwww... lolololol. but i do think the packaging is amazing!


It did not smell or taste like peanut butter lol. I think you would have been ok. It did give wicked cotton mouth though.