Nightmare Cookies

3 months ago


When I went to Pisos in Vegas they were out of the free pre rolls like i said before. However I was offered a jar of this to make up for it. Even cooler they told me if I left a review, good or bad, on they would give me a second jar!!!


Each jar weighed in at 1.1 gram. So I ended up with 2.2 grams of the nightmare cookies for free!


One thing I found cool was that this was packaged less than 20 days before I got my hands on it. Also I like that some of the terps were listed.


Coming in at 19.25% is not the strongest bud I had but still high enough to get the job done.


I was a little concerned at first that all my trichomes were gonna be stuck to the jar. However it all taped out nicely.


The smell of this stuff was astronomical. It reminded me right away of the huge difference between black and white market bud. The smell was a earthy and a little piney. The taste was great as well. It was a little sweet but still very earthy. The buzz I got from it was killer. Now this is a hybrid but tends to lean towards the indica heavy side, at least in my experience. I was so stoned I didn't want to go do any more exploring. Maybe it was because we had walked a ton or maybe it was the slight paranoia that came with this buzz. It did keep me nice and stoned for a few hours while we continued to enjoy Vegas. Then when I got back to the room one more quick toke had me ready for bed.

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Again I'm super jealous of your trip. The packaging is pretty neat. Is it glass or plastic?


This one was plastic but one of the others I got out there was glass.

Cookie strains are great for pain relief I have found. Love me some cookies, never had Nightmare cookies before gonna have to keep an eye out for it

Looks like some tasty cookie buds, bonus discount on them too. Seems like some states might require the terpene content along with the thc and cbd, or maybe it's the companies are on point, but it's good to see it on there - just thc and cbd seems to always be on there in ontario.

Any type of cookies is usually bomb af