Hi everyone I'm finally back from vacation and caught back up with everything. I was camping for a week. I smoked a ton but I also brought my vape so I could be discreet around other campers.


I was not big on this one when I started it early last week. It has a very sweet flavor and you can actually taste a hint of melon. It's grown on me to say the least.


Now it was quite potent. Just a few pulls regularly got me where I wanted to be. I'm at the very end of it now as you can see. I'll be switching up later today and will definitely show off my next pick.


This is the battery in rocking right now. I like it because it is small and adjustable to a number of heat settings.

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Wonder if that has anything to do with it being a fake cart? Not that it isn't THC what I mean by fake is that it is homemade, and repackaged in the DANK packaging, You can tell the packaging is fake because in legal markets the packaging has a sticker on it that tells you the THC content, it is not printed on the box. Doesn't mean it won't do the job, but I am wondering if the taste has something to do with it not being a legit cart from DANK. That being said occasionally I get a cart from the legal markets that I don't care for the taste of it, but the buzz is normally awesome and I make my own carts at times if I need something for on the go and I can't find them.


I knew they were “fakes” thanks to you. But I got them at the same time as the other you saw so I gotta smoke Em now lol.

I can't wait till January then I'm getting all legit ones!


I would smoke them too like I said doesn't mean they are not THC. But it does bother me people do that shit just so they can charge more.

I'm not really a fan of Tangie and never had the other. In not really a fan of melon in general lol.


This is not usually one I would go for but my girl liked the sound of it.