So it’s new cart time again. Today I have one I know very little about. In fact I’ve never heard of this one. I carried this thing in my pocket for at least a day before opening, hence the messed up packaging.


The parents on the other hand see two killers I'm very familiar with. The one is GDP and the other OG Kush.


Lately I've been going all indicas on my carts. This is no exception. I been craving the relaxation and stress relief you seem to only get from a strong indica.


The color is on par with the others I had. Pull looks very nice. The taste was good mostly the kush flavor came through. I still have two carts left I believe. Then I have decide if I'm gonna keep getting them or not.

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I probably wouldn't touch these, especially in a non legal state 🤒


I live in a legal medical state and recreational is right around the corner. I plan only getting the legit dispensery ones now.