First thing I did when I got into Vegas was pick up a couple of disposable cartridges. These things are prefect for walking around especially through the casinos. If you've never been out there they let you some cigarettes everywhere but not weed. However nobody bats an eye at a vape.


This was the first brand I picked up, I grabbed this strain and one other. As soon as I tried it I was shocked. They are so much better than the black market ones I'm use to.


These are nicknamed "the weekende" I'm in guessing because it's only 0.3 of a gram which doesn't last that long.


Coming in at 88.8% thc this thing was definitely potent. Now although it's a hybrid it was indica dominant. Which worked out perfect when I hit back to my hotel room.


Everything comes with a warning label. Some things come with the suggested serving and activation time. This one said 15 seconds but basically instantly you could feel the effects of these.

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Gorilla Glue is one of the tastiest strains there is, so smooth and sweet.


Only tried it the once, not had it since, I should have written down a review of it to remember how it was 🤔

Man, I'm missing the convenience of my vape pens. Part of me wants to just say fuck it, the lungs will do what they are gonna do, but probably not a good idea.


Lower temps or even water pipe attachments?

Can’t wait to try those vapes soon. First will need to achieve legalization though, which may take a while. :/


You can make your own if you can source the shatter


Im starting to experiment with my used carts, I can un screw the top and load some home made oil in, the viscosity part is tricky.

TRIPLE 8's – by the looks quite potent! Love a well flavored vape cart

Looks like a disposable to me. But looks very clean.

Sweet name - Elite Weekender :)

These carts are fastly becoming my second favourite way to smoke, I wont even go get the mail these days without a vape pen in my pocket. I love the fact that I smoke them right infront of my boss and he just thinks its nicotine.