Well I have see these Dank vapes around but never tried one. I’m pretty sure they are just black market... The packaging is ridiculous on all of them. As you can see I may have crushed the box some lol.


I do really like the little discretion they put on the back. I opted for a nice strong indica this week.


Gotta love the organic and no PG listing on the packaging.


Unfortunately I am back to having to use the 510 threaded carts. I don't like them as much but it's all I can find at the moment.


The oil looks to have a great color. The taste is wonderful, a little sweet even. The buzz is rocking and is getting me through this last day before vacation.

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The legit ones from the legal market have stickers it isn't printed on the box. Saying that doesn't mean it isn't good quality I make my own sometimes though I don't try to pass it off as legal market ones. Sad people are doing that.


I made my own once but it all ended up separating on me... Maybe i need a better recipe.


You must have used the stuff to make e-juice for nicotine instead of the stuff to cut dabs with I made that mistake once too. Cutting it with terpenes will stop that or using Wax Liquidizer, the first time I made them I used the Wax Liquidizer which worked great, but the terpenes are a little better to make it with.

I must admit too that i dint find the packaging that attractive, thc level is good. You really must have enjoyed that :)


But this is where the problem arises, they look too appealing for children and somehow seem like they are targeted population.

The last day before vacation is always tough. That looks like some mighty nice oil you got to get you through though. You killed that box though bro.

I've got to watch out for the Birthday Cake buds .. i've seen birthday cake flavored papers, haven't had a chance to try either. The strain sounds like a good buzz :)

Been smoking some vape mix in the past few days...gotta admit, thats my new favorite before sleep, you dont have all the smoke and smell mess...and the buzz is awesome!

Gonna be getting myself more of that stuff!

Your wedding cake sure looks good though, nice color, no harmful additives...perfect!

The packaging is horrible though 😜