Strain Review: Tangerine Dream Auto by Barney's Farm

10 months ago

Greetings everyone!!

Welcome to my Strain Review. We're still with Barney's Farm, only this time in the spotlight is Tangerine Dream Auto. An award-winning classic of their coffee shops crossed with Ruderalis strain. Let's go!


Genetics: Tangerine Dream (G13 x Afghan x Neville's A5 Haze) x Autoflower #1 (Unknown Hybrid x Unknown Ruderalis)
Type: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa
Yield: 500 gr/m2
Height: 80 - 90cm
Life Time: 67 - 75 days from germination
THC: 12 - 15%
CBD: 2.4%

Genetic background of Tangerine Dream is quite interesting. G13 crossed with Neville's Haze A5 phenotype, then crossed with Afghani landrace. Then Autoflower #1, an unknown Hybrid cross with unknown Ruderalis, was used to eventually get an autoflower strain. All those crossings affect the effect, but more about that later.


In my experience, this Indica dominant plant grows a bit higher than said but not much more than one meter. She is a good yielder, not as above (done by professionals in a perfect environment) but even beginner can pull out an ounce without problems. Takes around 80 days from germination to harvest. She's strong, robust, resistant and likes nutrients.

Compact buds and lots of resinous


Tangy, citrusy flavour is characteristic for this strain. Effects are as interesting as her background. Balanced body relaxing and cerebral. For you who have tried Neville's Haze and experienced its spiritual effect, this is similar but with more Indica elements. And yet, we don't know what is Unknown Hybrid from the beginning of this post and what it brings to the list.
Moderate THC level and CBD boost reduce stress and anxiety.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to upsmoke, comment, follow and resmoke. You can also check out some of my latest posts:

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Keep up the great work!


Thank you!! Very appreciated!!

Looking Dank!

I have always been wary of barneryfarm just cos they have such silly names for some of their strains. . . :D

Glad to see the tangerine is bang on. What type of wattage was she growing under?


Yeah, names are bit confusing. But then again they have some classic strains: LSD, G13 Haze, Pineapple Chunk... Next on my list is Honey B, Vietnamese landrace Sativa. It's not possible to order it anymore, tomorrow I'm getting last 10 seeds from the shop.

What type of wattage was she growing under?

250 W HPS dual spectrum, then 400 W dual and finished under 600 W red.


aaah nice! Makes sense to bump up the wattage as she gets bigger to save on power. . . I must remembr that.


During the vegetation, 250W is enough, but in bloom, they ask for more.

what a beauty!


Oh, she is gorgeous... And the smell...

Nice my comment if you don't mind 😀


You have 22 posts out of which 21 is the same sentence as above. This is not appreciated my friend. I suggest you provide something for the community. Create/curate some quality content instead of asking for likes on your comment. You always get more than what you give, but you need to give first ;)


I have a rule. Never, ever upvote someone who ASKS for it.

Nom Nom Tangerine Dream:)) Sounds and looks delicious @realkiki85


Oh it is one lovely strain...

WoW the last photo wins :)

I wish I had this kind of ''ham'' hanging in my basement


That "ham" is now in a jar ;)

Awesome Fade :)

Good job, they look great. :D


Thank you... Their smell is fantastic too...