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8 months ago


We got some good old lofi music today. I love the authentic cracking in the background. A good song to play during the day!


Latest Hype

Today I'm going to do something different. I have written a short story that relates to the current development in the blockchain space, which is comparable (but not entirely!) to the occurances of hypes, like new clothing and accessories hypes.

Jason is in elemantary school. One day he goes to school and sees his friends standing around one boy who is showing them something on his mobile. It was a shiny new digital skin of an online game that recently came out. Jason took a look, and he was mesmerized just like the others. He goes up to the boy and asks where he got the skin and he said you can buy it online, however there are not many of them and price keeps going up.

Source: Pixabay

When school was over he rushed home and went to his parents to ask them money to buy the skin. He told his parents about how beautiful the skin was and not only that, but the skin was going up in price! The parents were excited and said: "Go ahead son, here is some money". Jason bought the skin that night and was so thrilled. The next day he went to school and people were standing around him and asking him about how he got the skin. That time the price had already gone up 20%.

One week later, Jason was getting used to the look of his skin.

Two weeks later, he barely looked at it anymore and the price wasn't increasing anymore.

Three weeks later, the price started to drop 50% in one week. It reached the level of when Jason purchased the skin.

One month later, it was worth only a few cents. Jason was in his room, banging his head. After lying on his bed for an hour he thought to himself: "Damn, it's just a digital skin".

The end.

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It makes me wonder how many people even bothered to study why they should buy some btc, or is just because everyone else was, so they follow like sheep. Why would you believe in something so much to put your hard earned money into it, just to turn and sell at a huge loss. I just don't understand the logic, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)


Yeah good question. I think many rush in without even researching.