The Simple Life Of A Small Town Stoner

last year

Hello, Smokers (..and non-smokers)!

A Project I Wrote & Recorded & Co-Created The Video For

Not many know this but I studied music originally. . .

It was the summer of 2005 and I had just got my drivers license. I had already been smoking weed for about 2 years (..Since I was 16) and lived in a small town in the eastern parts of South Africa.

My mom gave me a little blue golf, and my dad promised to pay my tuition at the infamous Cape Town School of Music. . . Life was simple.

My plan was to study music by day, grow some dope in the cupboard by night. :D

So I packed my car and headed 10 hours west to the big city. The UCT music school was amazing and so was Cape Town.. A huge city with an infinite amount of possibilities wherein the air. I was free from the small town views that put a stoner with a passion for Jazz music pretty low on the list of 'life achievers'.

Throughout the 4 years I spent studying musical comp, I met some of the most awesome and liberal people. People that shaped my liberal views and allowed me to enjoy the simple things in life.

Some of my highlights include writing the score for the award-winning short film "A Flight That Lost Its Feathers", completing a score for a full orchestra and DJ'ing at music festivals across the country with @joesmoke in our prime drug taking days:

Yes that's me screaming and smashing the piano in the beginning..

The music industry is tough.. After college, I struggled to get gigs and was tired of spending 6 hours a day practicing only to be paid $30 a night for 3 hours of jamming so I moved back home.

Not sure what to do with my life I enrolled in chemical engineering at the local university.

I started studying chemistry in the hopes to find something that would suit my inquisitive nature and find meaning in the chemicals that shape our world.

During my second year, I dropped out. I was still DJ'ing and got signed to a Swedish record label under the pseudo 'Patio Crasher'. They gave me a sweet ride and started paying the bills. . . So what would any producer do in that sitch?

This is the cheesiest track I produced over that period

Move to a sweet pad by the beach of course and spend my time at festivals!

Fast forward and it's already near the end of 2013. . . While chilling one night looking for beats I came across a Bitcoin thread and my intriguing nature started to dig deeper. The community where pumped about Butterfly labs and USB mining sticks, GOX dominated the trading scene and the only way to get into BTC in South Africa was to buy a fucking graphics card and trade on shady altcoin exchanges like Cryptsy.

Having not really paid attention to money but probably coming down from an acid trip from a trance party where an old hippy wrapped my face off about how much cash he made on the stock market in the 50's, it resonated.

I built myself a small rig, joined a pool and started mining my first coins... The price of BTC at the time was a cool $100 a piece.

Managing to mine a few coins and trade my way up to 30 BTC during the 2013 December run (I traded ANC and MEGA for an awesome 10x profit).

... I cashed some in, paid my taxes and my life was instantly transformed. I became obsessed with crypto and spent hours on Cryptsy trading shit coins until my stash sat well above 50 BTC... It was sometime during 2014 that things all went south..

Gox crashed, butterfly labs never delivered, cloud mining scams became a big thing, and big Vern ran away with all the cryptsy cash!!

... By the end of 2014 I had less than 20 BTC and the price had crashed substantially.

My girlfriend and I decided we need a break from the scene and so moved to Zanzibar for a few months.

Africa is truly beautiful. We spent our days chilling on the beach, taking boat trips and doing community work for GIVE, a volunteer programme from the US that helps build schools on the island and our nights drinking Konyagi (A local cane spirit) and smoking hash.

I'm on a boat.

After 8 months we decided it was about time to head back into society and I knew I would need to learn a new skill fast.

Tackling Cape Town Once More

We headed back to Cape Town and my girlfriend got a job pretty easily (She has a great resume).. This is around the end of 2015, and allowed me some time to start teaching myself to code.

I started with the basics, HTML and CSS and some Wordpress stuff and then put myself out there on Upwork. During this time I got a ton of experience, mainly making websites for small businesses and occasionally an e-commerce site. . .

In 2016 @paddy420 approached me about building out for shares in the business. Not really having anything to lose I joined up, and shortly after @joesmoke invested a few k into the site to pay for a writer, hosting and a few backlinks to get things rolling.

Steem then launched and I made my first post on steem ending in $4000 in upvotes (The reward system was pretty wild back then with an exponential reward curve).

Dan Larimer had opened my eyes to the possibility this type of system had to offer. I reached out to a few devs and members of the inner steem circle at the time and got pretty much laughed off the platform for bringing up reasons why we needed a separate clone for cannabis...

This only really made me more determined to learn, and so I stuck my head down and carried on learning to code, having my girlfriend supporting me through it all.

Over this period I saw first-hand cannabis businesses and content creators suffer at the hands of centralized competitors.

In 2016 my girlfriend and I moved into a small flat and cannabis was pretty much legalized and so I started growing for the first time in my life 🤫🤥

Dutch Passion Master Kush Veging

By July 2017 I had learned a ton of front-end techniques, marketing and SEO skills, game theory and connections to start to put together the Smoke Network white paper.

... The year since feels like a blur. I have been learning javascript, working with the team, advisors and keystone community members to get this platform up and running smoothly without too many issues and day to day housekeeping. We are a pretty lean team and spread quite thin.

With that said... I will try to spend more time on the chain, engaging with all of you amazing and beautiful people.

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Really awesome post! And what a story. Loved reading it. I'm sure you will use your musical talent sometime :)


Thanks. I will most likely start up the smoke radio show again if I can get some time. That is something I really enjoy. There is something about mixing and finding tracks that is simple and soothing. . . An omage to my simpler days.


Awesome. I will wait patiently for the show, and you got my support :)

Amazing life story,you deserve what you.have now.Everything.has a valid reason in life.Thank ypu for sharing your story.Keep it up.


Thanks. I will keep it up. :)

Amazing life story lol, this is really a catchy good read, 😁😁

I reached out to a few devs and members of the inner steem circle at the time and got pretty much laughed off the platform for bringing up reasons why we needed a separate clone for cannabis

Am motivated by your dedication/determination which have made a reality. Good to know more about you and thanks to your supportive girlfriend. "Would love to see some her posts here also, Reading this just made my day. #muchlove


I will try to get here on here, though she's not a huge fan of social media :D

Very nice story! I just join this great-smoker's community. And I love the idea and I think will be great sexes in the future. Thank u for your dedication and have a nice ''smoke'' :)


Thanks. Legalize It! :D I look forward to your seeing your work and enjoying a smoke one day together.


I will try my best, hope to smoke someday together :)

Good read bro! Your dev story is so cool to hear!! I also started learning to code around 2015. Never stop learning 🤓🙌


Nice! I must say JS took me a while to tackle, but now I'm loving.

Welcome to 😂

This was a good read man and Africa is indeed a great place. Candice has been there 4 times and I once, myself. Im actually in touch quite frequently with one of my buddys to your north, in Botswana, about setting up a backpackers lodge, and of course, spreading the good word of DPoS.


Nice. Bots is awesome (so many elephants just shitting on the highways :D ), When we moved to Zanzi we drove there (4500km) through bots, Zambia and Tanzania.


Yeah, definitely gotta watch out for them, they could do some damage if you drove into one😂 We flew into Joburg, drove through Kruger then all over Botswana and into Zimbabwe to check out Victoria Falls. A great couple weeks indeed. We will definitely be back.

Wow, that is a great story of yours, from a musician to chemistry student, crypto enthusiasts and to founding this are awesome and I hope would become one of the top soc med platforms on earth... Thanks for sharing your life story, enjoyed reading it. Stay awesome man!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the read.

Oh, wow. Thanks for sharing your story, it's inspiring how you try and learn new things and travel and care for the community. Stay awesome. Great things come to people who are positive like you.


Thanks so much!

Crypto changed it all for me and opened my eyes to the possibility of true independent and decentralization although the crypto world is still and infant to the world but the change with disrupt the world as we know it... It's all in time ⌚ ☺


Without it I would never know the intricacies of the monetary system. It is truly amazing how the this technology can shape our interests and incentivize us to really see the world (And money) for what it truly is.

In Nigeria you are a party rider the beat took me to another realm


I would love to come party in Nollywood when I get some time and spare cash :D

This is one of my all time fav jams:


Lol, shake body by "skales" was a banger in nigeria that year. Will be glad to see you visit nigeria


What is this year's banger, you got any good suggestions?


Gbedu when dey burst brain

What a great story. So much background about how you came to be.
My hubby says things happen for a reason; and it looks as if all things in your life happened to get you here.


Thanks. Our experiences sure shape our lives that is for sure.

You are def living an interesting life @stoner. Movie type story:) Happy to see that you had the determination and motivation to make it happen for all of us.

I truly think this platform has a bright future. Thanks for sharing this cool post with us.

Have a good one Bossman!

Btw the old hippie line killed me


Thanks.. I had to leave some things out cos they a bit personal, but if there is ever a movie made you will hear the ENTIRE story :D


Oh dang it, you left out the juicy part?!? Yall better do that movie one day;)


You not the first to say this :D

Thanks for the insight of how you came up and created this gift for us to enjoy! I love it here!


I'm glad you are enjoying it.. Keep up the great work!

Good God.

Such culture. Such experience.

Cryptsy and hashie alone took me for over 100 btc...
Amongst others, overall, probably lost around 200~. Got lucky and still had enough to be decently off afterward.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! :) Thank you so much for sharing! Great to hear about you, you've got even more respect from me now than before! A man who's been thru some shit and done some shit! Expanded his mind! ;)


Oh man.. In like 2013 - 2014 I used to encrypt my private keys to PGP and one day I made a new PGP key , encrypted a bunch of private keys, loaded one with 20 BTC only to realize I did not backup the PGP private key but only the PGP public key....

Haunts me to do this day. . . :')

Great post. I had a similar story with my Art ambitions (not able to make a living) and enrolled in The School of Architecture here in Canada back in the 90’s. So Architecture/ Project Management is my day Job. I only stumbled into Bitcoin and Steemit last year... June 2017 and was able to accumulate about 1/2 of a Bitcoin and several other Altcoins as they were peaking... luckily most of everything I have is from blogging on Steemit. At one point I had about $30k worth of crypto ... now worth around $3,000 USD ... with the legalization of Cannabis here in Canada I jumped at the chance to be here on Smoke and share my experiences with legal weed and learn from the experts.... one thing I have learned from Steemit is that Perseverance pays off. I am glad you built this place for us.


Nice. I'm sure architecture, while not as free as art, must allow you to express your creativity at least.

One thing I've learnt is there is always another opportunity in life. . . Well until you dead that is :P

It is only my pleasure to be apart of the creation of smoke network.


Yes it was for a few years but as with anything as you move up the ladder you spend more and more time with HR, Budget and Management issues and less with Creative endeavours... unless you are the boss. Luckily I get to spend my weekends out painting and fishing from my kayak with the kids.

Thanks for filling in all the gaps and giving such a colorful and characterful story from right at the beginning until now! Here's hoping what you have done by creating SMOKE may last for a long time to come, perhaps even bringing more "Sweet new rides" for the committed early adopters! Peace X


No probs. :D ... We are working hard on improvements and ways to encourage the early community such as the Cannasseur Programme

wow! thanks for sharing a bit of your story , you are so awesome! this wouod be an inspiration to many. we both love music! yay! all the best to you 👌❤️


All the best to you as well. Glad you enjoyed it and felt inspired.

Wow dude I am absolutely loving this post. I am from Cape Town and I also learned how to code website by watching YouTube tutorials. Seems like we have somethings in common. Perhaps my destiny is also to make such an incredible platform for people all around the world. can really change the world and I am glad you never got deterred from building this platform when people started laughing at you. So many people failed to fulfill their dreams because of trivial things like friends not agreeing with your ideas. You are truly an inspiring individual and I am eagerly waiting to see how successful will become in the near future. Keep up the great work :)


Thanks! We should link and smoke one together. You could build something on this network if you like ;) .


Sounds like a dope plan buddy. Im not a brilliant as you but I will definitely use some of my brain-cells to build something for the platform. I foresee a great future for this platform and its community.

Great hearing about your life some! That song that you said was cheesy that you produced, was funky as a monkey! I liked it! It's nice that you've traveled some and been on adventures, life is best lived that way! You've got many ahead of you.


Glad you enjoyed it.. Here's something a little more "experimental" that @joesmoke and I produced together years ago:


Sounds almost metallic like a factory/workshop! I love it! The visuals are interesting as well!

such an inspiration in so many ways, i like how you come up with with great success, lovin it here.

Hi stoner, good to read your story. Your determination have made this a success and am very happy for you. Am hoping for the best and i believe we will surely meet and enjoy a smoke one day together.


Can't wait for it... If Nigeria is anything like Tanzania I am sure we will have an epic time.

Such an awesome testimony! I love so far! It's a great place to talk about the still frowned upon gift we have, CANNABIS!


As each day passes, so less frowns and less fucks are given :D

That was a great line art video fully creative and with great sense of music too.... loved it @stoner


Thanks. It took all weekend to draw those frames on a whiteboard taking thousands of photo's.

Awesome story bro, sounds like you and the misses have had a lot of fun together, good for you. I've only been here for a few weeks feeling my way around and can honestly say I am quite impressed with this community, all the bloggers have been super friendly. I can say now I think I'm hooked and looking forward to see where is heading, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)

Hi there!

What I like about this post is that it serves as an example to the members here of how present a contribution.

Hopefully this will encourage a good level of quality with regards to length, formatting, language, presentation, and so new arrivals will see the bar is set at a decent level.

Great story, thanks for sharing!

So inspiring, bro!


Boom bro. :D

Been busy with some academy stuff makes me kept the link to this post since about 2 days now so I can read later but to be sincere I did not regret keeping it. In fact, I can tell you I learn somethings from your story and I am ready to face the life. Thanks for sharing your story with us. ( Full of encouragement).

Been alife is a gift but mehn! surviving in life is a war. Thanks for all your winning, because you passing through those bring up and a whole lot of people are happy through this your innovation.

I reached out to a few devs and members of the inner steem circle at the time and got pretty much laughed off the platform for bringing up reasons why we needed a separate clone for cannabis...

Haha...! Life can be like that a times but been determine is what important most. Look at it today, its a success already. And I pray for more higher. I so much believe when it is time for us to moon, sky will only be a playing ground for us. Smoke greatness ;).


Thanks buddy.. Ye life is def not easy man.


Learned a lot from you brother. Thanks in bunch.

Those are some good looking plants for a first grow! Thanks for sharing your story with us.


Thanks.. It was one plant tho. haha! It was meant to be a mother but then the lease was going to run out and we moved into a smaller flat so I had to just flower her out.

Things happen for a reason, and wow! BTC back at the day when it was 100$, that's only ~7 years ago! Thanks for sharing.

THis is a great life story. Beat wishes for your upcoming life @stoner

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Thanks @welcome :')


LOL... Bots... it's a love/hate relationship ;-)

It's a very interesting journey you had those last few years! Keep up the good work, we will support the network and the community as much as we can :)

Dude that such an inspiring story!!!
From music to engineering to steemit to growing (nice first grow btw) to smoke, it almost sounds like you manifesting what you wish for through hard work!

I love my life in South Africa and how chilled the vibe here is, unfortunately for a music career (which is what I do) I think there's just not enough opportunities, so we're thinking of moving to France, after almost 10 years of being here.
What I am gonna miss the most (beside the weed) is all the chilled oaks and gals, I wish we could have established a weed business before we go but it is what it is...

So yeah we not gone yet, I still wanna try one last time "Application section 21" (legal grow here) and then we will bounce with the wifey and kids...

Pity cause in Joburg there's more and more places sprouting where you can buy dabs, so this is already happening...

Nice to get a personal perspective on your story and how came about. Bravo for having the courage to follow conviction in face of initial ridicule, that takes strength and it says a lot. I've been listening to your music whilst reading and replying. is really refreshing and I find myself slipping in smoothly, with barely a splash. Thank you! 🔆

Fackn reet on man :D
I enjoyed reading that and what a nice turn around.
So do you still indulge in music?
I only found out about crypto last year when I signed up to Steemit, but I left my small hometown 4 years ago and moved to Asia with just my guitar.
I appreciate the small things in life f sure.
All the best for the future man.
Cheers for sharing.