How To Grow Marijuana: The Number 1 Organic Guide to Growing Marijuana In Nigeria. Part 1.

3 years ago

Have you ever thought or asked your self what makes some cannabis taste and smell better than the other's??


I guess that's a yes. If it's a yes then your in the right place for an answer.
The stronger the spice, sweet, citrus or pine aroma from the terpenes of your cannabis, its likely your marijuana is organic. That's what makes a good marijuana.
Organic marijuana is the best simply because it's tastier healthier and more potent to medical and recreational consumption.

Organic marijuana is the most safest weed you will ever consume. Buying all your supplies from a trusted organic source, is actually advisable in other not to get a bad or shitty smoke, I bet you the worst nightmare of a smoker is smoking a bad joint it's so frustrating. but those days are gone in the sense that, have you ever thought about growing cannabis yourself? Growing your own organic cannabis at home is arguably the most comfortable way to consume marijuana. To spice things up it’s not all that difficult to do but it's time consuming .

According to an interview conducted by MMJ Business Daily, the majority of Marijuana consumers in
Colorado, California, and Washington State prefer organic marijuana compared to hydroponically-grown weed. That is because it actually tastes better than even the highest grade of hydroponically grown kush..
So without further delays and wasting time, it’s time to grow your very own marijuana plants. We’ll start first with the list a ganja farmer needs.
▪Organic Soil
▪Specimen glass
▪Masking Tape/ Marker
▪Cannabis seeds of your choice
▪Organic waste
▪Nitrogen rich ingredients (fruits and veg. peels, manure etc.)
▪Carbon rich ingredients ( sawdust deadleaves etc.)
▪Disposable plastic cups

Since we are growing cannabis in Nigeria where weed is illegal we will make use of our basic natural and organic resources.
Smokers hope your fingers are crossed cause your about to start the journey of your very own organic marijuana plant.
Soil Prep.
Basically having a healthy marijuana has to do with the soil if you have a healthy and nutritious soil enriched with nitrogen and carbon your likely to have a great organic marijuana.
Mix the nitrogen and carbon ingredients together and add it on your soil and wet the soil leaving it moist 1week before planting your seed

Ganja Germination(G.G)
The first thing is to select seeds from your favorite marijuana and soak them in the specimen glass full with water to begin the germination process.
Make sure you mark each specimen to know the names of your plants.

☆Leave the glass in a warm, dark place. At first the seed will float when you place them in water. They will absorb water and sink to the bottom in a few hours.
Now this is the part where I advice people to be extremely careful cause you could just spoil everything with one touch
Now Remove the seed once you see taproots emerging from the shell (Warning!!! Don't touch the seed with your hand use a picker). Don’t leave seeds soaking for longer than 32 hours as they can drown and die.
Safe Keeping420
Keeping the seeds safe requires a lot of attention and time with the plant.

Place the seed, with the taproot pointing down, in the disposable plastic cup. Make sure the seed is not too deep because it might not be able to break through.
Keep the seedling in a warm place until they’ve reached the vegetative phase, after which you can start giving them constant light as soon as the stem emerges from the soil. Now using a spray bottle sprinkle very little amount of water on the soil leaving the soil moist and damp to much water will kill the plant.

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