Top Weed Stocks to Keep an Eye On – October 2018

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You can bear witness that the marijuana industry is among the hottest industries for the past three to five years.

A couple of marijuana stocks have noticed their valuations increasing at an alarming rate in the past year or two.

We all owe this to the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Experts predict that the legal weed market in North America may shoot to $31 billion in 2021. Due to this growth rate, it’s now high time to take weed stocks more serious than ever.

It’s why I have compiled for you the top weed stocks to keep an eye on in October 2018.

1. CannaRoyalty

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CannaRoyalty ranks amongst the top weed stocks in the entire world.

It is located in California. And, as at today, California is the biggest market for marijuana not only in the US but also in the entire world. This is, therefore, a guarantee that their products will always be on demand.

The CEO of CannaRoyalty recently announced that they intend to move to Los Angeles and Nevada.

This move can indicate a significant change for the company in size and return on investment. They earlier started out as a financier of marijuana shops, but they are now solely focusing on distribution. Despite marijuana still being illegal in some states, CannaRoyalty remains at the pick of weed stocks to keep an eye on in October 2018.

2. Terra Tech Corp

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Terra Corp started out as a Blum dispensary in Oakland back in 2016. However, over the past one year, they have grown to be a prominent marijuana retail company in the US.

As we speak, Terra Tech Corp did secure a $40 million financing to help them carry out proper marijuana cultivation in the US.

Terra Corp is a big competitor for CannaRoyalty because the company hopes of dominating the California market by the end of 2018. This healthy competition makes it advisable for one to consider either the two when looking for a cannabis stock company to invest in.

You should also note that this company produces at least 20,000 pounds of cannabis per year.

3. PotNetwork Holding

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This is a cannabis stock company that has wowed many investors with its 1300% growth in revenue in 4 months last year.

The company sells a lot of marijuana-derived products. They also sell some marijuana-derived products for pets!

This is a company that has already made a name for itself, and you should keep it on your radar. The company boasts of earning a $20 million revenue on a yearly basis.

4. Canopy Growth Corp

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The reason why Canopy Growth Corp should be on your radar this 2018 is because Canada’s recreational marijuana market opens up in October.

At the moment, nearly all the countries are advocating for the legalization of marijuana. The Canadian society’s acceptance of medical marijuana will ensure Canopy Growth Corp benefits immensely.

Their marketing team is fantastic and no wonder they are a leading weed stock in Canada. Having a 63% growth in Revenue in 2017, you should ensure that you keep an eye on this company.

5. Friday Night Inc.

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Friday Night Inc. is an excellent weed stock company that most investors haven’t yet discovered.

Recently, the company released a financial statement that showed they made a profit of $1.5 million. The company had made over $5 million in sales in the US alone.

Additionally, the weed stock company subsidiary known as Canna hemp has signed a deal with Grizzly Griptape which is an athletics company.

Experts predict that this move of teaming up with an athletic company can increase the sales of their marijuana products much higher.

Thinking of investing in weed stocks?

You should probably give it a try. It’s a lucrative enterprise that has a promising future.

Did you know that the likes of Mike Tyson and Tommy Chong have made significant investments in weed stocks?

That’s a clear indication that there is some good money being made from marijuana.

This is not financial advice and only contains my views on which cannabis stocks to keep an eye on, invest at your own risk...

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Nice list. Been meaning to add to my cannabis portfolio.

Most people missed out on Tillray.. but hang tight.. we working on something that's gonna be BIG.. in progress.. I'll be posting more when I'm able to talk about it. Thanks for the info btw @plug


I bought TLRY at $30 and was locking in $1,000 a day profits for a few weeks .... but I lost all my gains in one afternoon when it dropped from $300 to $150 ... How you ask ? I bought the most shares just before it was halted.


Ouch! Well don't do the same with your $MOKE!


Yeah... going to just HODL my 4.20 of Smoke Forever.

Great list gonna have a look at them. What happened in January for all to rise?

Would be nice to see correlation between development of blockchain and growth of industry as a whole, and particular companies that might benefit from it.

Oh I have been wanting to invest into the cannabis market for about two years; but I am not only illiterate about investing but also gun shy. One day I will have to just take the leap and do it.


Start small only investing what you can afford to loose at first. This way if you loose anything you can trade off as a small loss to a learning expereince. You have already invested in smoke with every post and comment and not to mention great content! So you have a good head start here at least. :-)

Had no idea marijuana stocks even existed. Will be interesting to see how these perform over the coming months compared to smoke.

Amazing content... I believe Weed stocks will gain more grounds in the future...

Killer post my friend. Thanks for sharing all this sticky icky info.

  ·  last year

Weed is not legal here. I wonder whether investing in weed stocks is illegal too? Something to investigate. Great post.

The weed news that comes in handy..
I'm so glad that there are open markets for cannabis in very many places around the world. And hopefully, soonest, other places would legalize it, and the market would further increase.

Resmoked for added visibility

I just gave investing on cannabis a second thought after reading this, this seems to break things down a little for me, the best time is now because am pretty sure the market will increase as soon as the world fully adopts cannabis. Thanks for this, gat many things to learn from your blog.


I agree.
I just follow you cheekily

Wow.... these are all down big time

What are your thoughts on Aurora Cannabis? I work for a cannabis investing group and have seen a lot that you mention in their reports, but haven't seen you mention that one.


Aurora is probably one of the best in Canada.

Oh awesome. You're definitely someone I want to follow. Something will the looking into investing in the near future.

Thanks for this info.
Knowledge is everything !!!!

I own shares of TRTC, it's one of my favorites in the market right now. The technicals on the chart look really bad, but fundamentally it presents a better picture. They are near a bottom too, so could be a very good time to get in. I feel Canopy is over valued though. I got to learn more about these other 3 though! thanks!

I bought Tilray at $30 and sold all the way up to $300.... but then I jumped back in at $260 and lost all my gains in 1 day.

This really interesting. So I could make billions when I invest on marijuana. Wow. Thanks for the information!!