📣 State of the Witnesses #6 - @betgames Spotlight

7 months ago


📄 What is 'State of the Witnesses' ?

State of the witnesses will be a regular update provided to the community on the status of the Smoke.io witnesses. The intent is to keep members informed of what is happening on the platform and what witnesses are doing. It is important that members of the community vote for witnesses that represent them and are driving the platform in the right direction. These updates are not intended to be all inclusive, but should only be a portion of the information used for your decision making.

In addition to the overall status, each update will also feature one witness in the "Witness Spotlight". This will allow the community to get a deeper look into the person/group behind the witness and how they play a part in Smoke.io.

📰 Current Update

We picked up 2 new witnesses since the last update and now are at 61 witnesses. Although the chain is currently still running smoothly we have hit our first pot hole (pun intended 🤣 ). The default config of shared-file-size has been surpassed leading to many witness nodes to miss blocks. At the time I pulled the data for this report 9 of the top 20 witnesses where missing block. Many of the backup witnesses as well, but since the backup rotation differs for each witness it is hard to tell which ones.

The disappointing aspect of this is that witness nodes have been reporting a warning for almost a week now but it seems it went unnoticed to many witnesses. A simple change in the witness config file elevates the problem and the node will start producing blocks again. When I discovered this I did a shout out to witness in both Discord and Telegram and some have jumped right on fixing this.

There are 10 witnesses disabled (+2 from last report) in the top 50, many for a substantial amount of time. I would suggest if you have voted for any of these witness you consider removing it. Now that we have more than 50 witness, we should do our best to make sure the top 50 spots are held by operational nodes.

  • blackman (2 hours ago)
  • ienrikex (3 weeks ago)
  • smokinghotnish (2 days ago)
  • mortiz (3 weeks ago)
  • fiasteem (2 weeks ago)
  • s144 (8 weeks ago)
  • therealdesmond (3 weeks ago)
  • cannaking (10 days ago)
  • skinnystoned (3 weeks ago)
  • sreeram661 (7 weeks ago)
  • denverdabs (forever)

Witnesses that were in the top 20 since last report that have missed more than 2 blocks are:
bold italics indicates on this list last report

  • betgames (152)
  • nathansternx (118)
  • coffeebud (113)
  • blackman (112)
  • jrswab (112)
  • grow-op (110)
  • smokeasaurusrex (108)
  • chronocrpyto (106)
  • emeraldtreasury (106)
  • propsforcrops (105)
  • bbtc (13)
  • beyondbitcoincas (13)

📊 Current Witness Rankings

RankPrev RankOwnerMissed BlocksΔ Missed BlocksVotesWeighted VotesCreated

⭐️ Witness Spotlight - @betgames ⭐️

📌 Why have you decided to be a witness on the Smoke.io?

First of all, my wife @bgw and I joined smoke.io just three weeks ago. And we have been in crypto world for nearly three years. But nothing has made us feel like home until we came to know about Smoke.io. We have a dream to make the life of Cannabis easier by raising our voice for legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. However, with many countries yet to legalize use of Marijuana it is very hard to make sure that our voices are heard around the world. The vision of this SMOKE.IO platform is the major essence of our life’s ultimate goal. We have never had prior experience in becoming witness. Back when we were using platforms like Steemit, we didn’t want to become a witness as there was no connecting motivation behind. And in Steemit we didn’t feel like we were part of it. It was like we had become a part of a big sea with lot of other fishes in that sea just for the sake of “crypto” which never motivated us. But after embarking our journey on smoke.io, we came across this community of so many friendly and talented who motivated us to become one of the witness.

📌 What is your background and how does that make you a good witness?

We completed our graduation in University of South Carolina and we majored in Computer Science, and later we moved to Canada for work as my wife had got a job offer there. And just few weeks ago we moved back to North Carolina for work. We have our usual day job at an IT company and we have the necessary coding skills to grasp and learn new technologies. Even though we had no prior experience running a block chain node, we have exposure to Linux environment which made it easy for us to set up the witness server. We definitely agree that there are bunch of other good witnesses here who are more technically advanced than us. However, we believe that we are good learners and we are always up for any technical challenges that come across. We don’t hesitate to approach other technical experts/witnesses when needed. We have already become a beta Tester for PEye Witness Protection so that our witness server runs without missing many blocks. Inter and Intra community collaboration is what makes great about this blockchain community. That’s about technical aspect. Another aspect is about giving spot light to the platform. We all know how good community this is and the significance of SMOKE.io for all of us. However, many Cannabis still aren’t aware of this awesome place. So we as a witness need to hold the torch and provide visibility to this platform. So we are also actively promoting about smoke.io and that is one of the major goal for Q1 and Q2 of 2019 for us. And last but not the least, engaging users of the platform, we both take turns and go through as many posts as possible to reward those who bring in value via their quality content. Our goal is to move back to Canada by 2020 and make working on SMOKE.io as our full time job.

📌 What excites you most about being a witness?

One of the best thing that we have come across here is that there are bunch of people who are willing to teach without anything in return, and there are bunch of people who are willing to learn for making this place better. That’s the beauty of this place. There is no doubt that this place will be a “No.1 go to place” for each and every Cannabis around the globe for sharing their work, love, happiness and knowledge. We are already experiencing that here. Isn’t it exciting to work on your dream while making others dream come true?

📌 What are your goals as a witness?

One of our goal as a witness is making sure our servers are always available for producing blocks without any misses. And we have bought two servers (4 GM RAM each/2 CPU each, 80GB disk space each) one for main witness and one for the back-up purposes, so that if there are any issues in one server, we could switch to other one immediately without missing many blocks. And we will update any changes/upgrade the specs as the need arises without any downtime. That’s about running the witness node.

One of the major goal is to work towards improving engagement with users and motivate them if they are doing good and make them feel home and provide guidance if they are going off-track. Another goal is promoting the Smoke.io platform in various ways (including digital and in person marketing). We also plan to make an in person visit to dispensaries when we visit Canada to promote our community. And listening to community feedback and working on them is without a doubt our duty as witness.

📌 Are you involved in any projects outside of Smoke.io that you would like to share with us?

Before we joined Smoke.io we were part of Steemit, offering some betting games. We have stopped it and we have no plans to continue to that service as we want to focus only on SMOKE.io. We also don’t plan to bring these things from Steemit as they doesn’t help the vision of Smoke.io in anyway. And we want to spend any time that we get after our office hours to work on contributing to smoke platform. Apart from that, we work at an IT company during day time which we plan to resign in mid-2020 and then focus full time with SMOKE platform.

Another project we want to be part of in future is( nothing related to smoke.io.)to open a old-age home for elderly people who are unable to work due to physical inability due to age/medical reasons and who doesn’t have anyone to take care of. This is a long-term plan and hopefully we want to give back to the local community in Canada (this has literally nothing to do with Smoke.io, it’s just one of our goals).

📌 Do you think Smoke.io has an important role in the broader cannabis community? If so, why?

Definitely!! Why not? As per our opinion, we believe that lot of people out there are still disconnected as they don’t have a worldwide view of the Cannabis network. Smoke.io is the first decentralized platform for connecting Cannabis together across the globe. Which means, we get to learn lot about Cannabis around the globe and understand what troubles they must go through even for medical needs. This also gives a chance to raise our voice at an international level to support the Cannabis and their medical needs.

📌 Where do you see Smoke.io in the future?

As we mentioned earlier, it will be the “No.1 Go-to Place” for every Cannabis in this world for sharing their work, love, happiness and knowledge while working towards legalizing Marijuana in more and more number of countries.

📌 What do you see as the biggest challenge for Smoke.io and how do you think it should be addressed?

There are two phases of the big challenge. First one is the growth phase: The challenge here is to grow the user base of SMOKE.io with relevant users. And we are currently addressing it with all guns blazing, as we have lot of promo articles, promo videos being published. Designers are putting in their effort to design ads. Founders have come up with idea of ad that allow us to publicize our platform. Witness are promoting the platform with both digital and in person marketing. We just need to continue this effort with double intensity.
Second one is maintaining user base phase: we will also want to make sure people stick with smoke platform for long term so that we can work together on our vision. This can be addressed by having a good engagement between people with high smoke power and people with low smoker power. We need to make sure we never let a bid bot come into our community. That will fail the purpose of this platform. Every witness here agrees to this, so we can make sure only good content in this platform gets appreciated and thus good Cannabis author stays in this platform longer to achieve the success.

📌 If you had to vote for only one witness (not yourself) who would it be and why?

It is very hard to choose one witness among so many talented witness out there. As we had mentioned in a post about Why you should be proud of being a part of smoke.io Family , every witness we have communicated with in this community have so far have been so friendly and warm. They are not greedy, they are not here for short term and everyone has their own specialty as a witness. So, I wouldn’t want to take a single name out.

📌 Tell the community why you deserve their vote?

As we mentioned earlier, there are lot of talented witness in this platform and everyone deserves your vote. We are a married couple who love Smoke.io as much as we love smoking pot, we just want to try our best to bring joy to this community by doing everything that’s in the best interest of Smoke.io. We would consider ourselves blessed if we have your vote. Love to all from @bgw and @betgames

👏 Thank you @betgames for taking the time to answer these questions and share your thoughts with the community.

📰 Witness News!

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Thank you for the spotlight and also for making sure to keep all of us upto date about the witness performance, so that all of us stay on track. I’m also enjoying working with you on pEye Witness Protection as a beta tester. Thanks again for making this happen.

Great work, excellent interview. I believe most of the missed blocks today were from the shared memory setting not being fixed over the course of a few days.

Thanks for the intro!

@props4crops has missed quite a lot for a top 20 witness.

I like your guys' background. It's awesome to have a husband and wife managing a witness.

I have one more question for you guys that I think is nice for the community to know.

Are you working on something for the smoke community like a tool?


Thank you for the appreciation:-)

Are you working on something for the smoke community like a tool?

In that aspect , we are still in a learning process. Even though we aren’t hardcore developers, we would like to learn and work on some DApps or useful tools for smoke.io , at this point we aren’t working on it, but it’s in our pipeline for Q3 and Q4 of 2019. Until then we want cover our basics around necessary technologies while focusing on marketing, curating and user engagement at this point.

Wow nice interview, good to see couples running a node for the chain. Fell in love with them from day one. Thanks for the spotlight/update @bbq-iguana

@bbq-iguana Haha Loved the pun! @betgames No one goes back to Steem(sh)it once they enter the Smoke realms XD Good to hear your story. Our pleasure to have you here.

Thank you everyone 😊 We are glad to have found smoke and blessed to have support of so many lovely and friendly people here. We will continue to put our heart and soul with smoke.io as it has given us and many of other Cannabis a fresh breath of weed 🌿😊

Wishing everyone best wishes and also Thanks to @bbq-iguana for this spotlight 💕

With 💕,

Thanks for Updates!

Wish you good luck with that!
Keep up the good work!
Smoke on!