📣 State of the Witnesses #4 - @emeraldtreasury Spotlight

2 years ago


📄 What is 'State of the Witnesses' ?

State of the witnesses will be a regular update provided to the community on the status of the Smoke.io witnesses. The intent is to keep members informed of what is happening on the platform and what witnesses are doing. It is important that members of the community vote for witnesses that represent them and are driving the platform in the right direction. These updates are not intended to be all inclusive, but should only be a portion of the information used for your decision making.

In addition to the overall status, each update will also feature one witness in the "Witness Spotlight". This will allow the community to get a deeper look into the person/group behind the witness and how they play a part in Smoke.io.

📰 Current Update

We picked up 8 new witnesses again since the last update and now are at 55 witnesses. The chain seems to be running smoothly and witness ranking has seemed to settle down.

All 3 witnesses disabled from last report are still disabled:

  • s144
  • denverdabs
  • sreeram661

Witnesses that have missed more than 2 blocks since last report are:
bold italics indicates on this list last report

  • props4crops (5)
  • bbtc (41)
  • bbq-iguana (4)

📊 Current Witness Rankings

RankPrev RankOwnerMissed BlocksΔ Missed BlocksVotesWeighted VotesCreated

⭐️ Witness Spotlight - @emeraldtreasury ⭐️

📌 Why have you decided to be a witness on the Smoke.io?

It’s hard to say no to crypto, and it’s hard to say no to weed, so the Smoke network is on a whole new level of appeal. I only recently became sold on DPoS, especially as the EOS mainnet launch neared. As a programmer and techie, running and managing nodes comes second nature. I knew I would run a block producer node for a DPoS chain eventually, but was just waiting for the right community. The EOS chain seemed too generic and not niche enough for my taste. ENTER SMOKE.IO! A recently-made friend, @officialfuzzy, told me about smoke.io and I freaked! I love joining projects in the early stages and felt the potential of this network after just a few pages of the whitepaper. I spun up a witness node, registered, and started asking around to see what tools needed to be built.

📌 What is your background and how does that make you a good witness?

As I said above, I am pretty tech savvy. I’ve spent a good amount of time building and maintaining high performance financial software and make tools for big data companies. However, I really don’t think that is necessarily what makes a good witness, though it is certainly a plus. I think a witness is someone that does good in the spirit of DPoS. Someone that isn’t corruptible or easily compromised. Someone that understands, accepts, and responds to community feedback. A witness needs to have a finger on the pulse of the community, and act in a way that benefits the network as a whole. These are the areas where I want to excel to better service this awesome network. I want to let everyday be an improvement and never become complacent.

📌 What excites you most about being a witness?

Being allowed to play an integral role in something this important—that people actually voted for me. I feel energized to play whatever role necessary in raising this newborn network. It is exciting to see so many blocks with transactions in them—and to know that people are connecting with each other not just over a shared interest, but over something that can improve lives. This network is right in the center of two pivotal moments: legalization of medical weed and blockchain technology. And somehow I get to help with all this.

📌 What are your goals as a witness?

Keep the node secure and running the latest stable software. Provide APIs and tools for the network. Understand the desires and needs of the community.

📌 Are you involved in any projects outside of Smoke.io that you would like to share with us?

I actually work on an EOS project called Patreos. It is a platform that lets content creators, like smoke users, have subscribers and get paid in crypto for their work. If you are familiar with Patreon, just imagine it on blockchain. Thanks to many efforts towards developing IBC (inter blockchain communication), we soon should have the technology to integrate with the smoke token and make it a pledge token on the Patreos platform.

📌 Do you think Smoke.io has an important role in the broader cannabis community? If so, why?

Absolutely. As a community we can provide the best cannabis quality control. In the same way that Amazon reviews help inform product decisions, smoke can be the place to see true sentiment around cannabis strains and products. When people come together and are open and transparent with information, magic happens. What the internet did for information in general, smoke will do for information specific to cannabis. We’ve spent too long broken up and in the dark due to state laws. It’s our time to come together and turn on the light.

📌 Where do you see Smoke.io in the future?

It will be the nexus of all cannabis information and advertisement. Get ready for strain reviews and mega deals!

📌 What do you see as the biggest challenge for Smoke.io and how do you think it should be addressed?

The biggest challenge is the same for any network. It has to grow. A network is as valuable as the number of people using it. I recently learned that the steemit UI has been a turnoff for a lot of people. I listened to a podcast where it was casually brought up as though everyone generally agreed. I am pretty sure that Smoke will need a more modern design once we get things rolling and we shoot for hyper adoption. These kinds of design changes are usually a sensitive issue, and if we aren’t able to converge on something truly remarkable, our potential could be affected. Though after seeing @stoner recently make some UI changes, I feel a lot better. It means that our design is not set in stone. As long as we are willing to experiment and tweak, we will be able to arrive at something beautiful.

📌 If you had to vote for only one witness (not yourself) who would it be and why?

@smokeasaurusrex. I want to say he was the first witness I voted for. I loved his sense of humor and down-to-earth intro, and was sold after reading his witness node specs. It goes back to my earlier bit about being a good witness. His post just had a community vibe—like that is the type of person we want around.

📌 Tell the community why you deserve their vote?

I run a tight node. I build tools. If you feel I don’t deserve your vote right now, no biggie. I will keep working to earn it regardless. =)

👏 Thank you @emeraldtreasury for taking the time to answer these questions and share your thoughts with the community.

📰 Witness News!

  1. @mister-meeseeks announced - Vote slider for the under 50k SP users!

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📚 Thanks for Reading!

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  • If you are a witness and are doing something to support the community, please use the tag #witness-update in your post and it may be selected for mention in the next witness update.

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