Etiquette; Posting and Smoking

2 years ago

Blockchain social interaction is a really new thing. It's only around 2 or so years old so many users are unfamiliar with this new form of social interaction. See, the blockchain isn't free, neither are smoke accounts. Currently, the Smoke blockchain front end provides these free accounts, just like the one myself and most users are enjoying. was nice enough to give out these accounts at no US dollar cost to the end user. But, these accounts are not free, they have a real USD cost, currently at $0.21USD, as the front end vests 4.20 Smoke Power to each new user for their ability to transact freely with the blockchain.

New users should treat accounts as a valuable investment, even just starting off.

Lets go over some common misconceptions. As well as a quick etiquette guide.

Common misconceptions

  1. is a website like Facebook

This isn't true. is a front end to a revolutionary Graphene Blockchain.

  1. is a way to get rich quick

False, Earning profits can be achieved just like say, Creators do on YouTube, but not all creators are profitable on YouTube, and not all will be on the Smoke blockchain.

Etiquette Guide

  1. Help new users, when you help new users you ensure the Blockchain's longevity and growth.

  2. Never ask about why you don't receive votes. This tactic, often used by people within Graphene blockcahins and will only set your earnings back. Network, find new groups of people you can learn from and these very people may even be interested to guide you or critique your content.

  3. Build lasting relationships within the blockchain itself.

  4. Bidbots tend to harm blockchain investment if not used and advertised properly. Consider any bidbot or "paid vote" strictly a promotion. My position, I refrain from using them.

  5. Attacking legitimate content because of disagreement isn't a good for long term growth. Sometimes the blockchain is not the best place to hash out problems, maybe you could use other means and methods to build forms of commutation to avoid flag wars, or other negative things that may occur during your time inside the blockchain.

  6. No follow for following. Asking people to follow you tends to create an awkward social interaction, I would always refrain from this. Telling a user that you followed them because they had great content, is complete fine.

Gaining Traction

Some helpful tricks to get better traction.

  1. Comment, but comment upon content you can relate with and have a connection. The longer comments can sometimes connect more with people. Posting more comments (especially if lower quality) is not always merrier.

  2. Interact with users who have similar interest to you, but also try to branch out communities you normally would not.

Private Keys

Store your keys safely. NEVER give your master key to anyone for any reason.

Thank you for checking out my etiquette guide. I encourage engagement, leave a comment if you would like to add your opinions on the kind of behavior you would like to enjoy interacting with.

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Thanks for the info

Damn, this post needs to be on steemit as well.




I am totally agreed.

Great guidance @graylan loved the way you covered all topics with easy language.

Another thing that I might add would be to not put up 10 posts a day with just a picture and a couple of words. That's not likely to make you more popular on the blockchain. I personally won't follow someone who does that.


I agree, over posting can become a problem for people , as we do not have UI's with custom feeds yet.


Really depends on what the picture is. If it's a stock photo or a meme, that's one thing, but if it's art, that's another. Not everyone conveys a message through words very well. What's that saying about a thousand words? ha.

I would also add that one should try to make relevant comments, that some comments really are not needed. Like I don't need a comment that says you upsmoked me or followed me or ever resmoked me. or follow me, or vote for me. I find that type of comment, comment spam and though I try to explain why people shouldn't do it when they do, it can be exhausting.

Great etiquette! Every beginner should read this.

Bidbots tend to harm blockchain investment if not used and advertised properly. Consider any bidbot or "paid vote" strictly a promotion. My position, I refrain from using them.

This should be known to everyone who has a stake in a platform.


Thank you. The problem bidbots cause, reminds me of gambling addictions I've seen people in my family have. I like to protect new users against these hidden dangers that really no one thinks about. The human and social interaction with such bots.

I really kind of wish it was just somehow part of Steem. I'm not really super thrilled about trying to maintain accounts on two sites, but I can clearly tell people are starting to migrate over here.



I really do appreciate the support . :)

Quality post! Thanks for the pointers!

Thanks @graylan, this is really good and I've been looking out for such a guide, even half-considered writing one myself but you've done a great job.

Smokers who've come here from Steem will be able to hit the ground running, but those who migrate over from the centralised gangsters (Fakebook etc) will be confused and, in the absence of any guidance, will just revert to the same aggressive and attention-seeking tactics that belong to the non-revolutionary, non-graphene-blockchain cultures :D

I'd like to resmoke your post so as to have it as a ref, but I can't, so I'll just add it too a cumulative list of assets that I am putting together (now under a comment thread) on a post about gathering resources to promote

Thanks for putting this together. IMO, it is worthy of promotion, especially in a post like the one I saw it mentioned on.

im be atacking for a guy right now.. i dont know how more time he gonna push me out... i lose all my votes :S just cause i use a google image. he say i stole his image from his blog. but is a lie. :P


You stole my image. I'm pretty well known on steem and smoke in the cannabis comminity and other people know that was my image you stole. Trying to make me look bad in response to calling you out for it is again, extremely unwise.