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The Game may become interested in SMOKE now.

He owes crypto lots of money because of Paragon. 😂


I just lost The Game.

Well,it was about time he got his star.
And what a cool speech.He really respect everyone who helped him through his career and especially his homies.
And he thanks himself.Hahaa.
He is a god.

Just goes to show "The moon rocks!" Took him to another dimensional level 😊

Wait...Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion got a star?



He should have got a pot leaf for his star lol.. ...but that's bad ass..

Congrats to snoop, that's a very humble speech, that would be a good score to get him on smoke.i.o. Bong on bro. :-)


I wanted to upsmoke this... But it is already at 4.20...

That is a toughie.


He deserves it so much. Good for him. I also think he's should have been a pot leaf 😎

Still think because of whi it is it should have been a nice pot leaf

Does Trump has this star also? :/

But snoop is snoop :D Hope he'll hear about and consider it to join, that would be the coolest thing on blockchain ever :D

I hope also the same.
Thanks for linking the video with his speech.
Really will be great if he join us!

I hope same

Snoop deserves that star...

He will be a good influencer here in Congrats snoopdog on his achievement.

Well deserved Star, and cool speech!

Yeeaah this is awesome !!
Greetings from Germany

As a dog myself, I celebrate this moment in our history.


we should flood his instagram with Join smoke comments!

I have a lot of respect for this man...

I love Snoop, he's going high on TV, crazy enough to do what he wants

I love his final thanks/dedication to self, not many are able to show such levels of self-respect! Nice.....

Crazy snoop!

About time, he is long due for one, though i read they can pay for it, a huge price.

Snoop on I bet we'd see the moon!

Nice post
I don't have enough smoke power to begin with
Please help me
I am new and am still crawling 😘😘😘

An honor well deserved! Congrats