Smoking collection Monday's Yocan vape

2 years ago

Smoking collection Monday's

Today I showed you guys some shatter I was smoking but I never showed off one the ways I am smoking it. I normally like taking Dabs of shatter when I am able to but sometimes it is great to have a vape pen around.

Yocan vape pen

Now some of you guys may have to saw me smoking this vape pen in a few photos I have shared.


To Fill it you just take the mouthpiece off as well as the cap under it and then you will see the coil, That is the place you add the shatter.
To charge this one it is super simple as have an old charge cord from the last gen android phones/PS4 remote

I really think I will be ordering a volt/battery mod for this one of these days. Now right now I got a standard quartz coil but for the true taste, I really like the ceramic coil you can bye for it.

What kind of shatter/ vape pen do you own? Do you use a volt mod for it?



When I bought that Edmonton Oilers shatter I also picked my self up some of this only because of the name. This is a strain I have been waiting to try for a while now Let me tell you this is one dam nice relaxing indica with a mild skunky earthy taste to it.

Let's check out what it looks like up close



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Thanks for that, very interesting info. Bong on bro. :-)


Yeah for sure love sowing off all these devices we get to smoke from. Also got to love the shatterporn

I need to buy this but I'm not even sure if that's legal here


Not sure they are legal most places haha, Any head shop will carry them

I own a vape ape but currently only have reclaim.


I keep hearing this vape ape pen I may have to look in to it.

Hello sir
Thanks for giving information. I am happy to follow you

Never smoked dub man as I can't find in my country but it sure looks delicious.
And I bet it's strong and relaxing as you said.


Well it is better then flower i think. But it is still no kike burning a joint but the high is heavier


Nothing can compare to a fat joint :)