Cooking Marijuana Leaves, Is the Same Effect as Smoking Marijuana? In from Atjeh

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History records that since 10,000 years BC, cannabis trees have been used as saucers for storing valuable objects. Apart from being a storage area, cannabis leaves are also a cooking spice. You must have heard that there are regional dishes that use these leaves as cooking ingredients. Then, does cooking these leaves have the same effect as smoking weed? Or instead it brings benefits? Find out in the following article.

What is Marijuana Plant?

Cannabis refers to the dried leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. If you pay attention to this green plant has a distinctive shape, namely the leaves are shaped like a cassava.

It's just the edge of the jagged leaves and the bones of the leaves look very clear. In addition, the unique shape of the leaves, cannabis plants can also grow as high as 2 meters and are equipped with small flowers gathering at the buds.

This controversial famous plant has many other names, such as marijuana and cannabis. Based on reports compiled by the University of California, this plant can grow in temperate or cool regions, that is, in an area that is sufficient sunlight, water, and air.

In fact, in extreme conditions, cannabis plants can survive in concrete culverts along the highway, as found by a research team in rural China.

Almost all parts of marijuana are used, both to be used as medicine, food flavoring, or used as entertainment. This plant is marketed in the form of weed (cannabis leaves and their dried buds), cannabis oil extracts, and hashish (resin from cannabis buds). #Effects #of #cannabis #use #Art #Atjeh #Advice




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