Cannabis Culture in Atjeh (NAD)

10 months ago


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Marijuana, that's what will be implied in everyone's mind when talking about Aceh, the earth is rich in natural products ranging from petroleum, natural gas and much more contained in the province known as the Veranda of Mecca. Even in the days of DOM (Military Operations Area) in the past, very many stories or events that escaped the media both print and television. But the iconic Aceh as a cannabis barn has never cracked until now.

the government itself actually realizes that in almost every district in the province of Aceh is overgrown with cannabis plants which to eradicate is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. The culture and ethics of the Acehnese people themselves already consider marijuana as a daily necessity used for cooking spices as well as for recreational media such as cigarettes. Marijuana in Aceh was planted by the people of Aceh themselves. If we encounter it in every region in Aceh during festivity, for example, the use of marijuana has become a tradition in culinary dishes of curry goat and duck curry, which are usually mixed with flowers and cannabis seeds which become a mandatory spice. That is the characteristic of Aceh curry. Bang Din, a goat curry specialist cook from the district

southern Aceh said "If not given marijuana, where is my curry goat curry?" Bang Din was always seen in almost every feast event starting from the feast of marriage and circumcision of the apostle's circumcision. If he has started cooking curry he must ask the host or the local young people to look for the special spices of Aceh on that one.

lately marijuana seems to no longer be a part of the lives of the people of Aceh, marijuana has entered an alarming level. Marijuana is used as a business area by the mafia (drug dealers) in order to seek personal gain. They cleared forest lands only to grow cannabis on a large scale. They do not care about the rules of cannabis itself, such as when to plant and when to harvest. Indirectly, such acts are detrimental to the people of Aceh themselves, because the mafia only capitalize the workers to farm into the middle of the forest without regard to the safety of the cultivators. The cultivators will only realize when they finally get caught up with the law. Are they guilty? while they need money to support their family life. Because they have expertise in growing cannabis they are used by the mafia with the lure of a little money.

There are many pros and cons about cannabis plants in Aceh given the large number of anti-cannabis doctrines infiltrated into the people of Aceh. But all of that is only able to touch the urban circles in Aceh, not with inland residents or villages. However, there are still many Acehnese who dare not speak up about this plant.

Until now, cannabis remains a pride of the people of Aceh. Only a handful of people in Aceh hate this plant which may be due to a reason, namely marijuana is a drug!

Hopefully the economy of the people of Aceh can be improved if the cannabis is legalized for the sake of health and industry in the country, given that the people of Aceh are able to grow marijuana in the wild on the Veranda of Mecca.

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