Twin Pipe Session + Giggle Grass + CONTEST ENTRY

3 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-


A few days ago @canna-curate posted an apparatus contest. Basically it means smoking out of your favorite smoking device. Bong, pipe, hot knife etc. With the exception of ways such using paper. Like blunt, joint or jiffs. Me being me, I decided to enter with my pipes. I didn't know with what to enter as the collection has a wide selection of pipes to use. Pipes which I hold deardear and love. Then I remembered it was about your favorite way and piece. So since thr pipe is the only other way I can. As the Bong got broken (Shockers. A broken glass bong). I didn't know which pipe to use. After a few days of thinking about it I went with this method. Unfortunelty I was hella high and forgot to record the smoking out of Silver Star. But I do have a toke session out of another piece.


First we have to start with what is inside. Don't we? Well inside is an unknown strain I got from my guy. Fresh and still lively. My grinder blocked the first few times I used it on those buds when I got the goodies the other day. As always it is of the Giggle Grass sort. What does Giggle Grass mean? Well it's the name I like to use for cannabis from the black market. I found it once on a list of street names or slangs used in the world for cannabis. Since I mostly don't ask for the name as most don't know or lie about the name.


I finally was able to catch some good macroshots of my buds. I love the green and brown combo. With the diverse green shades and the white hairs all over them. Even when grinders I could still see the hairs clearly. What this is, I am not sure. I think it could be a hybrid with a pretty mild effect and balanced Indica to a Sativa ration. I feel locked but not couch locked. I still do my chores of the day. Well, mostly all. The reason I love smoking about of pipe is because they are easily hidden, not so easily broken like bongs, the taste feels kind of mkre aggressive and I just love the overall appeal of smoking out of a pipe.


As I wasn't sure which pipe to pick for this contest I decided to go with my first two pipes. Also my first metal pipe "Silver Star" and first glass pipe "Eden Snake". Both of them are in use from time to time. After I grinded the GG I first filled up Silver Star with GG and a touch of tabacco for the burning and warming up. Silver Star being my first pipe I was sitting here and enjoying it but forgot to make a documentation of it.


After smoking it all in Silver Star I prepared some more without tabacco and filled up Silver Star and Eden Snake with GG. Eden Snake had a touch of tabbaco at the bottom of the bowl since it doesn't have a net and I didn't want some of the GG to fall down the hole into the pipe. It's a waste. Sadly I forgot to record Silver Star AGAIN. But I did remember to record my toking from Eden Snake.


Eden Snake is a pipe I belive have not featured in my Confessions of a pipe freak. So I will not go into too much detail about this pipe.



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Wait, .. technically, you got high and forgot to record most of the stuff you wanted to. 😂


Yap. Just like that. After the second silver star round I was like 'fuck, I forgot to record'


Don't worry, this is normal in our world. Nothing to be ashamed of. 🤗

Nice looking buds, solid pair of pipes - how you framed up that first bud shot with the rolling tray makes it extra enticing :) I have a metal pipe just like that standard issue, it's my go to for pipes - clean flavor tasting tokes. I've had a few glass pipes like that but i always ended up breaking them while scraping them in lean times lol. Sweet how the statue cradles and holds the metal pipe. Thanks for your entry into the apparatus contest, we'll be transferring SMOKE and posting the prize positions in the morning :)


I love them all. Metal, wood, glass, plastic, silicone. That's one of the reasons I don't smoke that often from pipes. Especially the glass ones. Don't wanna dirty them a lot or break them by accident.

Very nice entry! Good luck


Thank you ✌️

Nice shot of that bud! I have got to get my hands on a better camera.


Thank you. It's the first time I got a shot right. So that it's all visible.

Place number two-hoo-hoo!