The Best Way To Clean Your Glass

2 years ago

I typically clean my favorite glass at least twice a week. This is how I do it: 

I take some 91% isopropyl alcohol and put it in a mug. I then take that mug (cover it) and pop it in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds. My next step is to pour the heated isopropyl into the glass and shake.  I dump the alcohol out and let the rest evaporate. If the bong is really dirty I might run fresh isopropyl through it again. I then rinse the glass with hot water and presto! Good as new! 

You might have friends who clean their glass with isopropyl and salt. This works but it can erode glass on pieces like a fritted disk perc (many shards of glass melted back together in a disk). One of my tubes has a fritted disk so I switched to the heated isopropyl method.   

I just cleaned my inline tube and took these pictures. 👍

Before The Clean

Proceed To Make The Clean Bong Dirty 🔥

Packed with AK-47 (25.07% THC, 1.44% CBD)

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Stay Lifted Friends! 


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Amazing difference!
I imagine after cleaned so well it really helped bring a much better taste of the cannabis too


Yup, clean glass leads to wayyy better taste!

I use a similar method but I don't heat it up as heating it in alcohol can also compromise glass. I watched someone cut themself with that method so be careful using that method.


Well blown glass can withstand decent temperature changes, and with warm/hot alcohol you don't need that much. So there is little risk. You just gotta watch out for extreme temperature changes, more likely brought on by trying to clean with boiling water.


Yesterday when I read this I somehow misread the piece and missed where you said you put the alcohol in a mug to heat it. (I should avoid commenting when sick) I thought you were putting alcohol in the pipe then microwaving the pipe and alcohol together. A friend of mine did that and as soon as he took it out of the microwave the pipe exploded. But I can get where heatimg the alcohol first would work better you just got to make sure the alcohol doesn't ignite.

Interesting can't say I have heard the heating but I have heard of salt or rice

Comes out like new, thanks for sharing you cleaning technique, beats a stinky bong any day. Bong on bro. :-)