The power in my hands😃 💪

5 months ago

Hello smokers Today I'm being powerful because the smoke is in my hands ready to be consumed


I am happy to share this photo where it is recorded in the history of my moments of smoke


TituloThe power in my hands😃 💪
CamaraHawei Mate 10

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just enough for a lift ;]

nice bowl!

You've got so much power in your hands and wish to join you rn.

Power up man. You are going to become Popeye after smoking it up.

Do you know what strain it is? How did it make you feel?


It is the cannabis sativa that is grown in my country Peru, makes me feel active to train street workout, I'm not afraid of anything, makes me laugh with my friends when we train. I feel like Spider man who flies on bars

Here when I have power with cannabis sativa


powerful feliz 👌