I am the captain of my Soul

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TituloI am the captain of my Soul
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Hello everyone and all today I want to share with you these thoughts that will make you go in the way of abundance let's start

20 more powerful statements after the I am...

If you connect with want to attract that will begin to happen, are scenarios that you create and begin to attract. We do not live in the world, but we live in the world that each of us has created inside

I am the owner of my Destiny

I am the captain of my Soul

I am Prospero

I am Brilliant

I am strong

I am powerful

I am expansion

I am successful

I'm Rich

I'm Smart

I am generous

I'm a brilliant communicator

I am the one who creates an extraordinary life around me

I am productive

I am unstoppable

I am someone who loves himself

I am someone who attracts massive success.

Today is a great day, I live in the best country on earth, I have a great profession, it is wonderful to be alive, today I have many opportunities to succeed.

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