fly with smoke😃 💪

6 months ago

Hello smokers today I want to try up video in Smoketube of the creator @trees, It is very easy to upload the video and load fast which is super good, however only suggest if there would be the possibility of playing the video without going to another link that would be a boom, because sometimes people do not want to see the video because it redirects to another link , as a serious example YouTube that I put the link and you can see the video without leaving my blog, well are suggestions.

Well now I show you the video where I show the power of smoke and the adrenaline that gives us when we train street workout, the fear does not exist and we just flew with joy, I invite you to give play to the video

Link del video


I would like to ask you have trained street workout with smoke, tell us your anecdote in the comments

Titulofly with smoke😃 💪
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