One nice Spliff - Amnesia Blue + Oil + Resin

6 months ago

Hello to all dudes with active THC receptors - Its time for a treat. As lately I have been very busy and it has been a long overdue. I have done loads of experimenting in making #extracts with alcohol and ended up with a nice amount of different types of #RSO (Rick Simpson oil). But that is a story for another time, now it is time to smoke some!

I'm keeping the oil in the freezer so it won't stick immediately to any tool or thing that is being used to scoop it up. So so sticky. Real tricky motherfucker to work with. Gets on your gloves, hands, hair, face, girlfriend, half of the kitchen if you're not careful. Plan your moves. It's best while it's frozen - then on pressure, it breaks like #glass - but becomes sticky fairly quick on room temperature.

This Rick Simpson oil has been made from my last harvest trim; plant matter with resin have been soaking in alcohol for 10-12 minutes (notice green tones), strained through a cotton filter, double boiler evaporated, thermally treated at 200 F (90 C) for 20 min after the alcohol evaporated to decarboxylate (its good to eat as well).

-Amnesia Blue auto - Dinafem seeds - #Budporn

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with this weed. Buds look amazing hard as a rock, with a bunch of crystals. Smell is totally fruity and fresh with notes of dirt. Tastes sweet and potent. Hits you with a nice high with the fair amount of feeling stoned.

I've chosen the Amnesia Blue, and the reason is this bud, how could one return such a thing back to the jar... The weed is nicely cured and smokes very nice.

-glue on the outside, always on the outside

-looking like a supermodel

-a bit of resin that has been collected in herb grinder, just to sugarcoat it up sprinkled over one side

Let the lovemaking begin

-resin side

-oil side

The smoke was nice and smooth even pretty strong on moments - there was even a small bit of coughing caused by the potency. Just love it.

Smoke healthy - smoke green!

yours truly,


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Damn that's a powerful one :) Curious to know how it tastes, looks amazing


Oh it did the job more than right if you know what I mean :) Taste is just beautiful sweet fruity, hazy, there is a lot of pureness of the taste and bit of tingling when inhaling. I'm really bad at explaining that kind of things.


Sweet! You did a good job. Way better than my descriptions :P

Nice one! I like how spliffs start hitting so good after they burn down a little :)


Totally agree on that dude... Almost like an engine - it has to get to the working temperature to get to the highest potential :) hehe

Damn, that is a hell of a way to get the job done!


Thanks dude, perfect way to end the day!

Dam that is what you call a home made moonrock joint right there.

Dam does that flower ever look a lot like the amnesia I had grown about a year or so back.


Yeah dude, the feeling after smoking it was like on the moon :) But the taste... the purity of all different tastes terpenes and hard kicking THC. From now on I'm tempted to oil my all joints but that shit will fuck up my tolerance and joints are going to be just too light... One way to find out :)