Dreaming about the strains

4 months ago


The Smoke is pleased to greet the community again, a day off with my friend the cannabis.

It always accompanies me, smoke plus smoke for everyone. I hope to be more frequent with the community.

now a little poem.

Dreaming about the strains.

Green or long strain, good taste, purple the best, smoke and more smoke I am, smoke over smoke to reach the Utopia.

I dream and breathe smoke in the Utopia, I relax and enjoy the sativa, smoke over smoke, going up and down to the Utopia.


#cbd #smoke #strains

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Nice picture and poem. Happy Friday.


@smokeyjay001 Thank you bro :D Happy friday for you too.

Dream of smoke means you too are already become smoke. Lol


@majlat-5317 hahaha yes bro