Wake N Bake

6 months ago

We have a friend in from out of town

We had a blast hanging out last night getting stoned and playing cards. He is a night owl though so he stayed up watching TV after we went to bed, So this morning when it was time for me to smoke my first doobie of the day, I decided to go and Wake N Bake my friend. So I twisted one up and took it in to where he is sleeping and blew a smoke cloud in his face.


After I blew the smoke cloud in his face

His eye's opened and I said "Wake N Bake". He took the joint hit it and said good morning. We smoked the doobie, he said "Thanks" then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. So I am sitting here smoking the second doobie of the day by myself cause I am not gonna go wake him again for him to go back to sleep on me and to waste a buzz.

Annoyed again with the steem blockchain

I posted a contest on the weedcash network for Roach Sunday and people can't enter because people can't comment on the post. It is frustrating to have stuff like this happen because you can't run a blog or contests if people can't post and interact with one another. The witnesses need to test the Hardforks before they implement the changes and there are ways to test it before it goes live. Every time there is a hardfork on the steem blockchain this happens. And it sucks, to be honest and I hope when it comes time for Smoke to hardfork that the developers test it before they implement it. Because when people can't post they lose interest and look for alternatives. How can you expect to maintain an audience when it happens with every upgrade.

So I am gonna extend my Roach Sunday contest on the Weedcash network

Till next Sunday or until there is a correct guess, which ever comes first, but I can't even tell people over there that, because it won't allow posting right now. It is the only fair thing to do. But I am frustrated that here I am trying to be an asset to the community over there too and am being impeded by errors that won't allow posting.

So I am gonna go read and curate some content here

Till I run down my voting power, and then I am gonna research some stuff I am interested in till my friend wakes up and I make us some burgers for lunch. Then we will either watch a movie or play some cards for a bit, and smoke some more weed. Then tonight we are going to grill some T-bone steaks for dinner. Then our friend will head back home. It is fun to entertain friends but I need to go score again I smoke more weed when friends are around.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Nothing wakes you up like a big ol’ plume of sweet cannabis smoke 😆

I haven’t really used Steemit much since I powered down and whenever I try to - it doesn’t work..haha I’m glad I found smoke.io because not creating content starts to make me crazy after a short period of time. This platform has a lot of potential and I hope the path forward takes into consideration the missteps and errors that other chains and front ends have already made. No sense in repeating, learn vicariously!

Yha, I started to post on Weedcash too, however it’s the same story here. I kept getting held up by errors and spinning thinkers on the screen. Even when I’d just vote. I’m sorry to say but that platform never really worked well for me.

It also seemed like a high school bickering match between regular bloggers when Weedcash started.

In my humble opinion, if the developers of the two networks would just team up, we could have a great one stop source for cannabis.

There is no doubt the value’d be greater.


Actually, it was started by a Top 20 Smoke witness [when the option became available on Steem].

There definitely is room for both, if anything it merely consolidates the legitimacy of the niche on blockchain. But there’s pitfalls to it as well. Oh well... what would life be without some challenges. :)


maybe it will happen one day, but there is likely room for both, but if people can't post, it is harmful.


Original content for both is best, but I'm doubtful of weedcash's future given historical stance of steemit whales of being anti cannabis.


I agree but thought doing a contest there would build engagement the first one there is a total flop though so...

Magical way to wake up...


except he went right back to sleep lol


I was thinking that was kinda a buzz kill haha 🤔


I am ready to make noise and everyone in my house is still asleep except for my husband but he isn't here he had to work today.


Do it! It is called WAKE-n-bake 🤣🤣