Virtual Joint being passed part 4

6 months ago

I was challenge to keep the Virtual Joint going

So I woke up to skylinebuds challenging me to keep the virtual joint lit. So I decided hey why not participate while I am waiting to find out what the day will be holding for us. I broke out the supplies to roll one up to keep the joint @relaylogix started, that @gr8fulmag420 sent off into the cyber world, that she passed off to @skylinebuds here that has now been passed off to me.

Here are my joint rolling skills

I been told I roll fatties to me, they are normal size joints, I don't like to smoke paper so what is the point of rolling joints that is more paper than weed? I want to taste the weed, it is why I think I do like my glass pipes it allows me to just taste the weed. but I do like my joints too.





To keep the rotation going

Puff, puff, pass the joint!!! So I am passing the joint over to @jackdub so roll that shit up @jackdub and show us your rolling skills and pass that shit on to someone else.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass. Don't mess up the rotation.....




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fire 🔥



Absolutely love it!!!Thanks for Keeping it lit!!!

Love it, Awesome to see the joint keep moving.. see if we can get it passed around for the week 😀

Ahhh thanks for the fatty, i'll pass one along in a couple hours :)

yummy it looks delicious hehehehe 🔥🚬

Nice, you do roll some of the best joints on, bong on. :-)