Today is a bad pain day

6 months ago

I woke up in lots of pain today

It has been weeks since I have had this much pain. We have had a pretty mild winter so far with temperatures far above normal. Last night the winds picked up and today it is 30 degrees colder out. So it isn't surprising I am in more pain but it totally sucks. Plus I woke up with a migraine and those totally freaking suck. So I started my morning as I end my nights with a dose of tincture. Normally a dose before bed allows me to wake up pain free.


An hour later my head feels better but my body still aches

So I decided to twist up a doobie of the Platinum Kush. As I have a longer car ride today as my cow is processed and ready to pick up from the butcher. We split a cow with a co-worker as we love to know where our meat is coming from so we went in and bought a cow that a different co-worker graze fed raises so we know what our cow has eaten and know there were no steriods or antibotics used in raising our cow. This one is bigger than expected too so we are gonna get more beef than we expected. So I really need to get as pain free as I can or today will be bad.


But after dose two different ways I am still in some pain

So I am going to do some dab. As the pain that is left is related to the muscle spasms I am having. You would think I would already be stoned out of my mind but I barely feel a buzz as you don't get stoned from cannabis as easy when you are trying to relieve pain. It isn't till the pain level is down does a buzz even start to happen. It is expensive to have issues that causes pain. It doesn't matter if you use cannabis or if you stay under doctors care and use prescriptions. The upside to using cannabis is growing your own to cut your expenses down. The downside is if I get caught I could go to prison jury nullifcation would be my only hope. Because I am currently attempting 6 plants and trying to germinate a 7th seed.


That did the trick

The muscle spasms has finally stopped after a hit of dab. If I take another hit I will go from having a good buzz to being high and since the butcher the co-worker farmer uses is an hour away I think I am taking a second dab to extend the effects. Because of the bad pain days and how much it can take just to get out of pain is why I am attempting to grow. By growing I can make all my own medicine and know whats is in it and what it is.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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I hope you feel better. I deal with chronic pain too. When my cannabis oil does not relieve my issues, I do sometimes take over the counter pain meds, to avoid getting a wicked strong buzz from the oil.
I bought grass fed beef from a local butcher for years. It is really so much better. I need to go back and work out a deal. It`s been a while.


I feel better when I eat graze fed meats and when I avoid GMO foods. I haven't been eating healthy and I am on a mission to get healthy again I will be growing some of my own food this spring, growing my own Cannabis, avoiding GMOs and process foods and cooking from scratch I am going to get healthy again and decrease my pain so I need less cannabis to function.

Hope the trip there went well. Sad story with kind of happy end..You made me laugh..I was reding...

If I take another hit I will go from having a good buzz to being high and since the butcher the co-worker farmer uses is an hour away I think I am ...

I really thought you were going to say skip, but then...

taking a second dab to extend the effects.

But I understand need to feel pain free. Just a funny read, made me puff air from nose.


Haven't left yet we are waiting for a co-worker actually the guy is a big wig in the company my husband works for and he is splitting the cow with us and since he is from Denmark and doesn't know area well he is riding up with us. We will be leaving in the next hour or so.
So now I am gonna have to make small talk for 2 hours with one of my husbands boss. Hoping it might lead to a foot in the door for our son as we are dropping him off at work on the way out of town. As sometime getting a great career is about who you know.

Here's wishing you a pain free rest of your day if possible!

Buying meat like this is the best..something that we grew up doing as we have always had farms in the family. Nothing beats fresh butchered beef coming from a producer you can trust..!


The farm we had used the guy retired and I have to know the source took me a little while to find the right one but hopefully he keeps doing this cause I like how small his operation actually is.


Totally worth the time to find the right supplier!

organic meat shopping and also monitor the origin of the excellent meat, should take it into account at the time of purchase, I regret your health situation with your medicine will go forward

I struggled with tramadol withdrawals symptoms and I occasionally have muscle cramps, insomnia and migraine.

I can testify that folks "don't get stoned from cannabis as easy when you are trying to relieve pain." many times I have to take three to four joint just too sleep. But to be frank cannabis have been my greatest help. I was given drugs of almost 20$ and I still couldn't sleep but with cannabis I spend less and have great relive.

Please stay safe and don't get caught. You are more than a gift to the smoke ecosystem

Glad you finally got some relief from the pain, it really suck being in pain all the time that's for sure. Bong on and ditch the pain. :-)