The last of the lemon tree

2 months ago

Today I have a rare day off kind of

I do have a few photos to edit but today I don't have any photo shoot scheduled. I been working so much that I have had little time for the internet unless related to work. Struggling photographers due to CoVid-19 find yourself a Santa seriously it is saving my 4th quarter. But leaving little time for other things. But work should always come before hobbies and though I would love to make more of a living writing. I also need interaction with humans in my life not just online. Today I decided to get into the fruit strain jar and decided to smoke the last of the lemon tree. There wasn't much left so I decided to pack it in my bong.

I need to find a new wholesaler

I refuse to pay $300+ for an ounce. So i need to find a new wholesaler where I can buy in bulk. That is why since my growers grow went up in smoke in the wild fires I have had cannabis. But I am getting down to the last of it. Yes I have plenty o get through the holidays and with my roach supply I have enough to likely get through till March or so. But that isn't enough to get me through till the next harvest.


I really love the lemon tree

The lemon taste is very pronounced and the buzz is awesome but it works great on pain. The weather changed and we got our first snow of the year and it snowed so much that it stuck to the ground which is rare since the day before it was 55. But now it is feeling like Christmas. And this will be the last relief this strain will give me unless I find some more somewhere.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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Damn you got more snow than us!


Lake effect snow

Damn great stuff, really good for the weather