Social Distancing when your family still has to work

4 months ago

My two oldest no longer live at home

Even though my daughter who is off at college (well not anymore with the shut down and elearning) when she isn't at campus she spends most of her time with her boyfriend of at her grandma's helping her with one of the two businesses she owns besides being a nurse. If you haven't seen a pattern here, many of us in my family have more than one job and or gig. Many of us have three or more jobs. Even if a few of them are part time we make enough at it to make it worth it or we wouldn't bother. That spirit of hard work have been passed along to my children. But my youngest who is 20 is still living at home, working and saving his money. He works at a grocery store and my husband works at a food processing plant. So both of the people who live with me are exposed daily when they have to work.

So we finally have said we have to do what we can do, to make sure I don't get this. I have enough problems as it is with trying to heal my back, to get sick on top of it all. And yesterday all that I have been doing with what is normally a part time gig I do a couple of times of month but turned into a full time gig over the last nine days caught up with me and everything in my lower back shifted pinching a nerve. I haven't been in this much pain since I have started my treatments. But thankfully I went in for an emergency adjustment and he was able to relieve a big portion of the pain, but I am gonna need another adjustment to relieve it all.

So from now on we will not be sharing joints or bowls

My son doesn't smoke but my two oldest do and occasionally my husband will have a few hits, but he doesn't smoke like I smoke and for the most part I don't smoke after people as I am normally smoking by myself. So that won't be a big change for me, but my husband doesn't normally smoke his own, he normally will just take a hit or two off of what I am smoking but from now on till further notice, we will be smoking after no one even each other. We also have decided that we should limit other things till we know if this is something to really be concerned with or not. Cause this could be a scam to bring in a new world order, they could be saying natural regular deaths is the coronavirus and freaking people out to stop the protests that were going on all over the world, this could be a move to bring in a New World Order, it is really too soon to tell. But either way most of the world is shut down. And there is an eerie weird vibe out there.


So the next few weeks is gonna suck

Cause if this is this serious deadly pandemic, my son working at a grocery store will be extremely exposed to this virus, my husband will be exposed too but not nearly as bad, but they still have 6 people on the control room at his work and they don't have 6 ft between them to be away from each other. I am trying not to worry about this shit, but I can't help but worry about my loved ones. But now I have a pinched nerve that even though it is a little better than it was, is gonna keep me home trying to recover from it, hoping I don't get this crap cause I hurt when I move, I can't image how painful this pinched nerve will be if I have to cough. I been good so far and haven't even had the sniffles so I really don't want to get this.

I have multiple strains to get me through this

From strains I have grown to strains I have bought. Today I am smoking on some Purple TrainWreck, I don't know what strain I will be smoking on tomorrow, but I have Gorilla Glue, Passion Fruit, Girl Scout Cookies, Benevolence, Mendo Breath, Purple TrainWreck, Purple Diesel, Game Changer, OG Kush, I have some Lemon OG and Some Gorilla Passion growing and curing, along with another strain I forgot to label that is curing and I forget what it is. If this is prolonged I will be good for a while and now this has happened I think I will be starting some more seeds soon.

The jar of my Purple Trainwreck

A close up of the PTW

Besides planting more cannabis I am starting my outdoor garden inside

I am gonna use on of my tents to plant my outdoor garden inside, I may keep growing it inside, depending on what happens in the next couple of months. But while everyone was grabbing stuff at the grocery store I was stocking up on more seeds. As I have my cabinets full and my deep freezer and top freezer and have an over flow shelf of items. I am a prepper, I have months worth of foods, and our pig gets slaughtered in about a week, soon we will have 250 lbs of processed pork in our freezer and we still have beef from our portion of the cow we went in on. Our next cow is due to be slaughtered in a few months. So hopefully nothing happens before we get that. But this crisis has me wondering if this is what I have been prepping for. I am not gonna show you my cabinets and freezers but just my overflow has a couple of months of food.


I normally try to make as much as I can from scratch

I try to avoid process foods, but during this time, we don't know what will be happening so I have some process foods and crap for the high calories it offers. In lean times those high process foods will be a godsend. I been slowly prepping for disasters, pandemics, war or even personal tight times for years. I gained this stock pile over years and I rotate things from that shelf into the cabinets and the new stuff goes on the shelf. Everyone should try to have a stockpile of food for emergencies because it is only a matter of when and not if something like this happens again.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation



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We have lots of potato’s and carrots to get us through .... will be making lots of soups and stews.... adding chick peas and beans for protein since there is no longer meat for sale at our local grocery store.... gone before I get there. We have lots of wild rabbits if we need meat

That is a @grooting stockpile of cannabis and dry goods!


I have much more than shown too. I am a prepper. For a few different reasons but mainly cause about 7 or 8 years ago I woke from a dream worried about preparing for SHTF. And it now has.


But I been stockpiling food even longer as I starting doing that when I got divorced from my first husband and had so little resources for my kids m, I was only eating every 2 to 3 days. Stockpile food gave me peace of mind if we had leans times and we have had lean times but plenty of food cause of it.

Stay safe!

We are in a very similar boat my fiancé works in the deli of Thrifty Foods but luckily we both agree other then trying to stop bringing it home if one of us gets it the other will no matter what so we keep sharing... just not with others 😉

Stay safe out there and good luck, don’t panic or stress to much but be ready for others too!