My jars for cannabis are empty

8 months ago

I ran out of Cannabis

Wait! What? I know how could I let this happen? Well I am waiting on a call right now and it happened because I decided to use my money to buy more dabs at the cheap price I been getting it at. I also had money set aside for flower but got a call where someone was wanting some dabs amd everytime I sell 7 grams it gets me 3 free for myself. So I went head and took my weed money and bought dabs took it over to the customer who actually was the reason I was buying any dabs in the first place because she bought 7 yesterday and I was replenishing it. But by doing that I tied up half my weed money. For about 30 minutes anyways.


I could hook up else where

But recently I connected with someone getting me high quality for a better price. Why pay $280 for an ounce when I can get better stuff for $200 by waiting for my dude to finish his dinner date with his wife and without the kids. So that is what I am doing. And though I am out of flower I have plenty of Dabs, tincture, edibles and of course if I get hard up I can always pack up a roach or two I do have a massive collection of roaches. These are the first generation. I have another bottle full of second generation roaches and still another with a third generation roach.


Those I think next time I will just go ahead and hit the ATM

So I have enough money to cover it as I did hace access to funds and had it sitting in the bank just didn't want to take it out to put it back in tomorrow. Hopefully I get this call soon as I am getting tired and don't want to have to go all day tomorrow without weed cause I know he has to work tomorrow.

It could be worst

I could be without anything. But thankfully I do have other THC products to use. But I will feel loads better when I have flower. I get a little panicky when I run out and anxious as I don't like not having the meds I need to manage my pain properly. Too much concentrates makes me sleepy and I nap too much if I take them too much. That is why I smoke inbetween concentrates doses. So I get things done.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 some where so puff puff pass




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Oh damm man I know how that feels. As a hiker I go without frim time to time....

Same here, just..I have nothing besides small amount of kief in my grinder. Think I'll jump to city to pick up something smaller before my regular batch comes.

Just, the difference is I just enjoy weed, I don't need it as a med.

I am sorry to hear that. I feel you. I'm also dripping the last of my stash. I have perhaps for a jiff or two and my pay is a few days away. I also don't like to go long without weed because then I smoke much more tabacco which I don't like but it's as it is. It's such a shame that people who are in pain like you without it can not get it at the corner store.


Thankfully it is happening this morning. In about 3 hours I will be hooked up again.

I wish you renewed cannabis!

Well this wont be a problem for you soon when you get your plants going, nice homegrown permanent supply. Bong on. :-)

In the same boat, run out but vape so no roaches to harvest haha


Thankfully I was able to reup this morning well half of what I wanted but it is all good the other half is on its way.

Nice roach collection


I do have about 25 grams in roaches all together but till I connect I am on pins and needles waiting for the call. LOL wish I could drive to the dispensary like you get to.