Mixing it up.. Makes for a good buzz

5 months ago

So last night I was sitting at my computer

Browsing smoke reading and commenting when an Idea hit me. I have 3 really good strains of cannabis at the moment. Why not take a pinch from each batch and twist up a smokable salad.

Blue Cookies, Platinum Kush and Gelato



Totally fire I suggest a smokable salad to anyone

We also call this a toss salad if we are talking about this in public yes know what tossing the salad means and that is the point would rather an overhearing cop or snitch think I am into kinky stuff than that I am about to smoke multiple strains of cannabis. As kinky isn't against the law. For the record that is not my kink

I got a really nice buzz from this

Then I got staring at the photo of my hand with the smoking joint and decided it should be turned into art. Don't know why I decided to make these but since I did I thought I would share the images I created from it.





So this is me mixing it up

Which gave me a really nice buzz and allowed me to create some unique art. Maybe some overlays and tweaking one can be turned into a promotional piece. Till next time stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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Smokable salad / Sound great / Enjoy and twist up.

That's what you've been saying....love it, can only imagine the high.

Looking at that pic, my first impression was that it was a pizza with cannabis all over it..

wait a minute,...
can we have a cannabis flavored pizza ?


Yes you can....

Always mixing here! Unless I have something so tasty...like that Cherry AK I just had. Mmmmm.


I normally unless smoking a roach doobie like to enjoy each strain individually but occassionally a nice mix is nice.