I bought another smokers mystery bag

29 days ago

A local cigarette shop sells mystery bags

I don't smoke cigarettes anymore haven't in a long time. But my oldest daughter does and occasionally she will have me stop there so she can get her cigarettes while with me and when she does I like to go in and pick up a mystery bag. This time I got the $9.99 mystery bag.


There are a lot of items in this bag

As I pull everything out I am quite pleased. There is a one hitter, two different sizes of grinders, 2 packages of screens, two lighters and two packages wrapped in a white foam wrap.


So I opened the small one first

I found a small pipe and a chillum wrapped in the small one. I really like the colors on the chillum, and am thinking about adding it to my collection. I also like the mini pipe but any pipe that is yellow I tend to like as it's my favorite color.


The bigger wrap package

Also contains a pipe and a chillum. The chillum is a little smaller than the first one I unwrapped but the pipe is a lot bigger. I think the other chillum is nicer with the colors but the big pipe is a lot nice than the mini one.


I think I got my money's worth

The one pipe alone retails for $10 nearly everywhere around here. So I am pleased with all the items in this mystery bag. And the best part is, that all the items except maybe one, I will be giving away here on smoke.io. So if you don't follow me yet and you want the chance to win, hit the follow button so you don't miss my contests and giveaway where you might win one of items I picked up today, or some other type of smoke swag. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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Woah nice haul 👌 wish there was something like that around here..... always enjoy the surprise when a deal is involved 😉


I love surprises! Especially when it's new pipes and grinders! I have a tendency to break things....... so it's not bad for me to get some good stuff for cheap.


I have definitely tried to smoke a few teeth of my plastic grinders in the past 😅 the Hemp one I got now actually feels really solid as if it won’t break 👌 wasn’t cheap of course being biodegradable.


I was shocked there was so many pipes and grinders in this one. I bought these before and normally you get 2 bowls and one grinder.


Sounds like somebody accidentally doubled up!


Yep so I am not complaining.

I like the chillums. That big pipe looks pretty cool too!


I like chillums but I can never get it out of my head that it looks like a modified form of a crack pipe. Haha. :P


I don't think that way about chillums but I do think that about honeystraws and nextar collectors.

They used to have mystery bags at the smoke shop by me but they havent in a long while... It was kinda for like 10 or 20 bucks, they had different prices for better bags.


They are 3 sizes here one for $4.20 one for $9.99 and one for $19.99 I want a big bag but they been sold out of them the last few times I have been in.


It was a fun little cheap surprise once in a while😊 dont know why they stopped 🤔

Staying sold out just goes to show how big the culture is! :P Usually in any business, being sold out is a good thing! This time it's just unfortunate that you weren't able to get your hands on one of the more exciting and pricey goodie bags! Maybe next time! It seems they're worth their weight in items!