Enjoying a smoke after a long day

3 months ago

Today has been a busy day

We have been shopping for a storage barn as we need to move some stuff from the garage we have it store at to our property. The problem we have no place to store it. So we have been looking for a solution. We found one we like or maybe I should say I like it. As it is 12x24 and would be perfect to turn into a photo studio once we get the other house sold and get our garage built. But my husband is liking the price of the 10x16 one better but he did like the space of the one I liked. I am thinking long term on how eventually it will be a photo studio and a 12x24 works so much better than a 10x16.

Once we got home I found my new lights arrived

I am too exhausted after a day of running arround to set up everything but I will do that tomorrow and show you guys after I get some rest and have the energy to get things done right. I been doing some research on side lighting to get the bottom of the plant so I think with the old lights I am gonna side mount them in to give the bottom of the plants more light and see if it helps increase the yield. I will be watching it closely to make sure it doesn't burn the plants.

Till then for the rest of the night

I am gonna scroll smoke and smoke this joint. Cause what is better than having a smoke while scrolling through smoke? I can only think of a few things and that is for me and my husband sorry readers....



Tomorrow we go and look at more storage barns

Can you believe there are over 25 places that sell storage barns in our area? And we can't help it we have to get the best price but we also want the best quality we can find for our price range. So we can't know that unless we look at all the different companies. Then we will be cleaning the property we are preparing to sell. Hopefully we decide on a storage shed this week I want this job done and over with.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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You can't ignore the signs … : )

I hope you find the best one. ✌️

Good luck in your search!

You deserve it, treat yo self! 👌