Deals too good to pass up

5 months ago

So one of my connections

Is getting smoke from the coast a lot cheaper than any of my other connections. An ounce of medical grade runs $280 in my area. Crappy reggie sells for $150 so when I come across a deal where I can get an ounce for $200 of medical grade it is something I have to jump on. It is still Platinum Kush he has but I am digging this strain and figure if I get tired of it I can trade with one of my other connections.


But that isn't the only deal I came across

Last week my dab connection decided to liquidate his current supply. Wholesale he normally will sell me a half ounce for $200 which breaks down to $14 and some change per gram. We he offered me 14 grams for $140 that is cheap in our black market where I live. It was already a great deal at $200 for those 14 grams as many local dab dealers charge $30 to $60 a gram for dabs depending on the quality. And this is pretty good quality. I will likely sell a few grams to close family and friends. But I am going to be hoarding this as I don't know if I will be able to get this price again in the future. It is seriously unheard of to get it this cheap here in my state.


Do you stock up when you come across deals

I got to wondering how many other people try to stock up like I do when they come across a deal that seems to good to be true but is totally true. So let me know in the comments below what is the best deal you have ever come across. I think while I am waiting for your responses I am gonna do a few hits of this dab.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Wow those buds are amazing, they have so many red hairs they look like red buds. I bet these are awesome smoko, bong on. :-)


It truly is pretty tasty over all looks and smell I give it a 10 for the buzz I give it an 8.5 over all this bud is up there with what I would call a 9.5 over all.

That's a great deal you got, passing up good deals is a hard thing to do. I just loaded up on some 🔥 thc vape pens from @infamous the other day.
we traded each other vape pens that we both personally make. If you want to see them just check out one of my last posts 😀


I am about to buy some wax liquidizer to make some pens for @gr8fulmag420 as she needs something that gives a smooth not so hard on your lung hits. Is that a good product to mix the dabs with to make the pens or should I use another product @dreamteam?


I definitely would much rather have the pens. Definitely need something easy on the old lungs indeed!! I was wondering about the juice they were using myself!!!


I will give you link to the terps website and other product to delute the thc concentrate to be able to smoke. I am just busy currently 😀

You are a good businesswoman also. You know how to manage it.


I have a few weeks of flower and at least depending on how much I sell but am going to be reserving 10 of those grams of dab which means 10 weeks of medication in that form. Plus I still have a few grams left of the last batch I bought. The dab hopefully will last me through the winter. Which is great because that is when I have more spasms and need that form of medication more. And when you do that math from the other connections I have had around the area to be that savings is too big to pass up. Plus I can sell a little bit to others and make most of the money it cost me back but still have the majority and give them a price that makes it a deal too good to pass up if I really need to, but most likely I will just keep it all cause I don't know if a deal like this will ever come around again. I got lucky to be offered it as it is, I was in the right place at the right time.


If your ever in Bay area California and need some freebie samples from my company just hit me up. I also got stupid good connections on thc products


Yep, in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.

The product seems powerful, it's great!

yes it looks very nice too good to say no!!!
:D peace @harimbadl