Chilling out

4 months ago

Tonight is a night for chilling out

I have my supplies on my portable tray and am binging watching Orphan Black. Earlier today I spent part of the day with my youngest daughter but mainly stayed out of her way as she is creating me a custom art piece for my photo studio. She worked for 5 hours today and plans to come back tomorrow to work on it some more. I hate the grey breaker box being in the dressing room looking ugly so I have commissioned my daughter to create me an art piece on the door of the breaker box. It is really cool looking so far but I won't show it off till she is done with it. She is a broke college student and this way I get her to create me a one of a kind piece I can always show off and say my daughter created that while letting her earn some extra money on top of the money we give her to help her out while she is in school.

Party Supplies

Have a big fatty rolled and some dabs ready to go with my nectar collector. I finally fohnd some 91% isopropyl alcohol and was able to clean both my nectar collector and honey straw. They were both looking bad and I have found many "cleaners for pipes" also strip the paint off painted pieces. So I prefer heat first then to get all the residue you can't reclaim using 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean my glass with.


So ironically today I saw a photograph

Of a guy in DC with 3 cans of twisted tea if you don't understand what twisted tea is go google and and watch the video of the guy knocking the heck of another guy out with a can of it. So all kinds of memes have picked up because of it. But it was the person behind the guy that caught my eye cause with her mask on she looked like me. Even my friends and family was asking if it was me. Nope I didn't go to DC I am still at home. But getting stoned, watching Orphan Black I am wondering how many clones are actually out there. No I don't think that woman is a clone of me but she seriously looks like me in a mask. But I do believe it is possible that a Scientist somewhere has done it in secret.


So what kind of weird shit do you think is possible

Let me know in the comments below. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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Chilling out. 😎