Blazing with my bestie @gr8fulmag420

6 months ago

Had to make a run

Had an opportunity to make $30 in less than an hour couldn't pass that up. But it did mean I had to go out of town. So I decided after my run to go and visit my bestfriend @gr8fulmag420 as she lives in the town I needed to go to. And she just started going back to college and I know things are tight for her so I decide she needed to get high. So before I left the house I decided to pick out some pretties to twist up a fatty.





That is some stinky stuff

The smell of this Platinum Kush is so strong I was very careful while traveling to @gr8fulmag420 plus I had to make a stop to do my errand before going to her house. I don't know why I just didn't put the bud in a travel jar and bring a paper.

Arriving safely

I am currently hanging out at @gr8fulmag420 house. Chilling and catching a buzz. Talking about smoke when I captured this photo of us passing a joint. Check out all the smoke...


What good is cannabis if we don't share with our loved ones

I love catching a buzz but what I love even more is catching a buzz with a good friend. That is even better than catching one by yourself. Do you prefer to smoke by yourself or with friends?

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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That's a fat joint, bigger than a pencil. I love joints like that. Nice thick hit, can get a really good taste of the buds :)


What that pinner? LOL I seriously don't know how to roll a small joint

So cool to have friends on here, hoping to get some of mine on here. Nice looking buds


I am always talking blockchain, and she isn't the only friend I have dragged on here, @cryptorealtor though not active as I am or as @gr8fulmag420 is she is also another good friend I have know since childhood. Working on getting more of my friends on the blockchain or to also sign up here if they are already on one of the other blockchains specially if they are smokers.


And on the multiple advertised discord channels

Sounds like you had a good time, it's great to share with a friend. Bong on. :-)

Hello, it does not make sense to smoke alone, I like your post are entertaining


I am alone 12 hours or so a day most days or mainly alone so I smoke alone a lot more than I like to, and I moved to a different town than most of my friends and only have a couple of people here to smoke with where I do live at now. But we are no longer neighbors so I don't see them very much anymore. But more than my friends that live in my hometown.


smoking alone is fine, don't judge, lol

Nice! Enjoy your tokes and have a great day!

I am not sure how I missed this post, it just piped up in my discord notification, Strange!! Appreciate you tho and it's always awesome smoking with friends!! But smoking alone is where it's at🤗


I smoke alone 95% of the time. It is nice in some ways but sucks in other ways. Much nicer to get stoned with people you like.