Guess The Strain #1

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last year

Let's see if you smokers know your strains!!!!!

I live in a state where weed is still very illegal. So we don't have the luxury of walking in a dispensary and having a choice of multiple strains. Even though I am sure once it is legal here the weed in the shops will ve pricey at first. But to me its worth it because we will have a variety to choose from.

Here where I am and in every other illegal state we are at the mercy of our neighborhood dealer. Now don't get it twisted there are dealers out there who carry more than one strain. But for the most part the small time hustlers usually only buy one or two ounces to flip for profit. Even if they buy a large quantity it's usually only for one strain. So whatever he or she has that day is the only thing you will have available to you. So dealers can say they have a strain grown in heaven and we would have to take their word for it. Certain strains are just unmistakable due to their smell and taste profile. But with so many new strains and hybrids out here it is getting hard to recognize exactly what you are smoking.

As far as prices are concerned they have been declining since the summer. In the summer I was paying anywhere between 40 and 60 bucks for an 8th. Now I am able to purchase an 8th of some good ass weed for 25 bucks!!!! That comes to about $7.14 a gram. I am sure this might still be pricey for those who are in green states but for us this is dam near free weed. Once again the only problem is we have no variety.

So yesterday I purchased an 8th for 25 bucks and I didn't even bother to ask what strain it was. This particular dealer gets his weed straight from Colorado so he always has some fuego. If my balls where made of steel I would probably get weed from Colorado but I am just too scared to go back to prison (yes I been to prison stay tuned for some wild prison stories you will only hear here). When I got home and inspected the weed a little more I was very pleased. The weed was extra frosty and smelled like heaven in a blunt. I took some pictures and thats when I noticed that this weed had purple in it. I rolled up a nice blunt and it was pretty smoothe with a nice light gray ash. So this weed was definitely grown correctly. Check put the pics below.

Look at those trichromes!!!!

So for all you veteran smokers and growers out there I want to see if anyone can identity this strain from the pictures. I am gonna call my dealer and ask what strain this is supposed to be. I am pretty sure someone here will guess correctly. I'm sorry I have no prize at the moment but all entries will receive an upvote by me. Hopefully the community will upvote the smoke out of the winner. I will post exactly what strain this is in the comment section.

Good luck and have fun guessing!!!!

Now Go And Get Ya Smoke On!!!!!

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This is such a hard thing to do without narrowing it down.

First guess (only if we only get 1 I guess) Grape Stomper

2nd guess (was my 1st thought) Girl Scout Cookies


Man I can see the cookies in this....

Might be some Purple Kush?

I'll donate 100 SMOKE if someone guesses the correct strain.

(This is assuming the dealer knows what strain it is)


I was going to donate as well when I saw this so I will match your 100 to make it 200 smoke


Wow you are too kind!!!! Thanks!!!


Wow this is dope thanks a lot!!!



Hmmm I've never had purple headband.... can't wait to call the dealer and find put what he says!!!

Purple Trainwreck?



Wow this looks very similar!!!!

I can guess same way I can guess when I smoke it. Nohow.

Sour Diesel?


Sour Diesel is my favorite strain and I'm pretty sure this isn't Sour!!! I wish it was!!!

Ill guess bubba kush

It looks a little like Blue Dream that I shared the other day that my daughter had.